Akeredolu scares all with his “Lord-please-take-my-pains” prayer

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu
Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has prayed to God to take his pains over the state of his health, a prayer that has heightened fears of his people and political associates for him.

Emotions are already running deep over tje governor’s state of health which became open recently.

Some media reports had suggested that the governor was suffering from cancer of the blood.

Although this has not been formally confirmed, the state governor’s publicist had said that he (Akeredolu) health was not life threatening.

Meanwhile, Akerdolu, who stressed in a Facebook post that God had the power to heal and comfort him, prayed to God to fill him with peace.

The governor said this via a post on Wednesday.

There has been growing anxiety over Akeredolu’s health.

The wife  had recently insinuated into the development quiet political moves by some person jostling to become deputy governor in the event that the governor dies and the deputy governor constitutionally becomes tje governor.  This was part of an audio tape by the governor’s wife that had since gone viral unrequited.

Recall that amid the unfolfing confusion, Governor Akeredolu later said he was not a super human, noting that the immunity his office enjoyed did not extend to physical wellness.

However, the governor on Wednesday, said: “Father God, thank you for your compassion. It gives me peace to know that you understand my pain and fear, that by your love you are moved with compassion for me, and that you have the power to heal, restore, and comfort me.

“Please take my pain, Lord, and by your boundless compassion fill me with your peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


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