Tribute a decade after, Elder Bayode-Ajibulu gone not forgotten


By Emmanuel Ajibulu

My dad slept in the Lord precisely 10 years ago and the feeling still appears fresh as if it was an incident of 24 hours ago.

I strongly concur that sweetness is the memory of the righteous (didun ni iranti olododo).

Even in tears this night, I say the sands of time will never wash away the love that I have for you. Your sweet memory will remain indelible in my heart.

You set amazing examples for your children and the society throughout your life time, you were a moral icon and your integrity and disdain for sharp practices were rock solid. You were a prayer warrior, uncommon mentor and teacher of the words of God.

You trained me to be resilient, to be of help to others, to be courageous, forthright, trustworthy, dogged, and to believe that it is only God that rewards hardwork and that I should never depart from the virtues and teachings of Christ which can truly bring forth peace, wealth and salvation.

Daddy, I celebrate your life, legacy and as well reexamine the positive changes in my life after your departure. You were not just a father but a God sent angel, you were not just a star, but a super star. I recall, you really prayed for me, you really did daddy. I will never disappoint you through the grace of God.

Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus, Elder Elijah Bayode Ajibulu, aka Baba Jerusalem.

Tribute by son, Emmanuel Ajibulu

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