South-South PDP passes vote of confidence in Dan Osi Orbih for his exemplary leadership


The South-South Zonal Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP has passed a vote of confidence in the National vice chairman, south-south, chief Dan Osi Orbih for his exemplary leadership of the party in the zone.

The Committee also approved the micro zoning of the positions zoned to the south’south and called for unity and party discipline in the zone.

In a statement signed by the zonal Publicity Secretary, Bishop Ante, the Zonal Conmmittee urged party leaders and members to disregard the purported suspension of Chief Dan Orbih, Honorable Ogbeide Ihama and others.

“Firstly, we want to State clearly that the Peoples Democratic Party is a Party governed by law, and these laws are enshrined in the Party’s 2017 Constitution as Amended.

“Section 57(2) has clearly provided that every Disciplinary Committee shall be formed by the Executives of the Party at that level. But in the present case, there is nothing to show that the duly elected party executives constituted any such committee. By this, the Constitution has been breached .

“Section 57(4) has also provided that any person to be so tried or suspended shall be notified in writing of the offences against him, and he shall be notified of the place, date and time of the trial. In the present case, none of purportedly suspended leaders were notified in writing and by this, the Constitution of the party is hereby breached.

“Section 57(6) has settled it that any suspension or disciplinary measures taken against any persons(s) who was not notified of his offence, or has not been given a chance to defend himself, is null and void. Again, the Constitution has been grossly violated and breached.

“Section 57(7) maintains that no person at whatever executive and at whatever level has right to discipline or sanction any member of NEC. (National Executive Committee). So, to have claimed that the likes of Chief Dan Orbih or Hon Ogbeide Ihama was suspended at whatever level is unknown to law, and a gross violation of the Party Constitution, ” the statement read.

The Committee also noted that any disciplinary measure that was inconsistent with the provisions of Section 57 of the Party constitution “is null, void and of no effect.”

The Committee added that useful discussions on the way forward for the south~south in conjunction with other zones to bring PDP back to power at the federal level were ongoing

The Committee expressed worries about the security challenges facing the people and called on the federal government to do the needful to secure the people.

The Committee also lamented the poor state of federal roads in the zone and urged governors and critical stakeholders to close ranks to address the problems facing the zone.

The Zonal chapter called on all state chapters to abide by the constitution of the Party at all times.

The Committee congratulated and commended all the states in the zone who had since signed into law the anti open grazing bill.

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