May 29 inauguration: NLC dissociates self from purported plan to shut down Nigeria


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has debunked reports that it is planning to shut down the country after the swearing in of a new government on May 29.

The Congress, in a statement signed by its President, Joe Ajaero, labeled the reports as mischievous, stating that it had no intentions whatsoever to mobilise any of its affiliates and constituents as well as Nigerians for an action after May 29.

“Our attention has just been drawn to a false publication making (doing) the rounds in the Social media issued in the name of Labour and Civil Society Front (LCSF) a platform founded on the already existing understanding between trade unions and Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria that for our nation to make progress leadership accountability and subjection to the sovereign will is crucial.

“This is to allow us use the civic space to interrogate governance in all its ramifications and make it work for the majority thus progress of the nation.

“The said publication entitled: ‘if electoral justice is not delivered by May 29, Nigeria would be shut down’ is not only false but (also)a mischief by its authors to drag the NLC and the trade union movement into their warped contrivance for purposes best known to their minds.

“Such statement was unknown to us, and we can neither be associated to it nor partake of whatever its intentions are.

“It is therefore important that we alert the public that we have not concluded any plans anywhere to mobilise any of our affiliates and constituents including the masses neither in Nigeria nor without for the purposes of embarking on any action after May 29 within the context outlined by the false statement. We dissociate ourselves from its intents and mission and are dauntless to say that such publication is not from the LCSF.

“The Conveners of the Labour and Civil Society Front remain Comrade Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo, Senator Shehu Sani and Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) and any publication that does not have their imprimatur is false and can only be the handiwork of fifth columnists trying to use the organisation to mislead the public and create tension in the country.

“We however make bold to say that we shall continue to work in conjunction with other well-meaning organisations both within and without the Civil Society to use every lawful means to ensure that there is fairness and equity in the adjudicatory processes of the election tribunals.”

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