Let’s build a nation of one people, one destiny-Sen Mark


Former President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, has urged the political class to review critically the underlying concerns of Nigerians believed to be aggravating agitations, ethno-religious conflicts and insecurity in the country.

Such concerns, he said, included restructuring, unemployment, income inequalities, imbalance in the distribution of social amenities, perceived marginalization and inadequate infrastructures among others.

According to a statement by his Media Adviser, Paul Mumeh, the former President of the Senate in his goodwill message to Nigerians to commemorate the nation’s 60th anniversary, Senator Mark stressed that “the roadmap to our development is to identify and genuinely address those ills militating against it.”

“Until the issues agitating Nigerians are addressed in a manner that gives every citizen security and a sense of belonging, the quest for peace, unity and development may just be a mirage “, Senator Mark stated.

Greater efforts, he stressed, “needs to be devoted towards bringing Nigeria back to the path of rectitude and sanity away from the wanton profligacy and impunity.”

In spite of the challenges of our diversity, Senator Mark said he believed that “It is in our collective interests to support and remain steadfast to the cause of a united nation as our strength remains in our diversity.”

He canvassed a united front between and amongst the people to tackle the challenges of sustained diversity and ethno-religious nation irrespective of creed or tribe, adding that “the task of a greater Nigeria is a collective responsibility.”

Senator Mark therefore urged Nigerians to refrain from any tendency that is capable of pulling the nation apart, stressing “whichever way, region, zone, tribe, Christianity or Islam, we all have comparative advantage staying together.”

He said democracy must be nurtured and sustained, pointing out that democratic processes might be slow but it remained the best and acceptable system of government “that is not only participatory but gives every one a sense of belonging.”

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