Human rights activist, Freedom Watch renew concerns on whereabouts of Dadiyata, vocal critic of Nigerian govt, three years after disappearing


Idris Abubakar, popularly known as Dadiyata, who was a vocal critic of the Nigerian government, has been missing for three years, triggering concerns on his safety and raising the question as to whether he would ever be found.

For family, friends and well wishers of Dadiyata, his sudden disappearance with a trace, three years ago, has continued to leave them forlon.

Dadiyata, vocal critic of the Nigerian government on Twitter, disappeared since 1 August 2019.

A Freedom Watch report said that “As he drove home after a day at work on that 1st of August 2019, he was seized and taken away by unidentified men in his car.

“His family waited, hoping he would return home that same night. His friends with crossed fingers waited also. The waiting dragged on from days, to months, to years.

“Today, over 28 months later, Dadiyata’s disappearance remains unsolved – leaving his family and friends in anguish. And also leaving the family with the question: ‘Will he ever come home?'”

According to the report, “The Nigerian government has denied having anything to do with his disappearance, yet no investigation has taken place.

“For the past few years, critics of the government and dissenting voices in Nigeria have endured illegal detention, harassment and lawsuits amid a wider crack down on freedom of expression.

“These attempts have continued to suffocate and shrink the civic space.

“Dadiyata’s case is more than identifying and securing the safety of an individual. It is a fight to defend the right to freedom of expression in Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, Freedom Watch reported Esther Ikubaje, human rights campaigner with the Amnesty International Nigeria, to have asked Nigerians to send a WhatsApp message to the Nigerian Police today and demand an immediate investigation into the disappearance of Dadiyata.

She reportedly said: “By taking this action, be aware that you are using your WhatsApp number to message the Police – please be responsible in the way you address them.”

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