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Diasporic Nigerians can travel home with their foreign passports as FG launches new visa policy


The Federal Government has finally commenced the implementation of the New Visa Policy (NVP), according to the Minister of Interior, Eng. Rauf Aregbesola.

Aregbesola tweeted on Friday that with the new policy, Nigerians with dual citizenship, would no longer require visas to visit Nigeria if they decided to travel home with their foreign passports.

“The NVP 2020 is special visas for Nigerians in (the) Diaspora who either, by birth or marriage, have assumed dual citizenship. Such people will now be able to make use of the passports of their adopted countries to visit Nigeria without the need for short stay visa.”, he stated as he rolled out 12 achievements of his Ministry in the last 12 months.

He disclosed that Nigeria has also commenced the Visa on arrival policy for holders of passports of African countries.



  1. Good morning sir,

    I am Nigeria but I have a European passport. Is it possible to travel home without a visa?

    Kind regards

  2. It is always easy said and done. However, the government says one thing but the people that implements do something elsewhere. I can’t trust this statement on its own.

    • I travel to Nigeria with an expiry passport on 12/10/2022 which my passport is expired since October 2021. On getting to Nigeria the immigration officer was trying to tell me that am not allowed to come to Nigeria with an expiry passport then I tode him that before coming to Nigeria I wrote a latter’s to the immigration office in Abuja which I have the reply from the immigratoin office abuja that I can come to Nigeria with my expired passport but if I don’t have due nationality I need to make another Nigeria passport before I can go back to Where am coming from. Later the immigration official @ Nigeria airport know that I know what am talking about then he said give us something then I said I don’t have and he let me go.

    • just hold extra $200 for the boys at the customer and immigration, you should be fine. if you get arrogant, your fee will be $500 so be humble

      • That is too much. 3 thousand Naira did the job for me three times in a role. Back to back. My Nigerian passport is been expired since 2019 and I have gone to Nigeria 3 times since then with an expired passport

      • Old, disgusting Nigerian face that must be discarded like a mound of maggoty cow poo and never ever to be encouraged. Arrogant? Get the police but besides that, there is a job to be done and done following laid down rules and regulations and not expecting anyone to gratification.

  3. Are you still required to carry along your Nigerian passport as proof on dual citizenship? If so does it have to be current, up to date and in good standing? What if it’s expired but your other passport to country of residence is valid? Need to know to avoid being mugged and taken advantage of by active and unauthorized airport personnel looking to rip you off.

    • Yes you need to carry your expire Nigeria passport with you.
      Like I said my own passport is expired in October 2021 I just came back on 13/11/2022 with my expire Nigeria passport

    • this NVP is designed primarily those without a Nigeria passport. if tour foreign passport indicates place of birth as Nigeria, you are eligible to use NVP.
      international convention allows you to travel home (to Nigeria) on a direct flight with expired passport

  4. There is so much information about using your foreign passport in Nigerian.
    All immigration officers need to change the way they behave and catch up with information that involves them to carry out their jobs properly. And they need to stop asking for money to do their jobs….it is disgraceful.

    • Mr AZ
      Thank you very much sir. i have the same experience, that you had.I think there should be CCTV to monitor thess immigration officers on duty. They can’t do without asking for money from people, They are not ashamed at all . Are they not collecting salaries haba. it is too much man

      • You don’t need to give them money.
        I stop ⛔ giving them money since 2011.
        Whenever they ask me for money .
        I also asked them if they can give me too I will collect even policeman

      • That’s one of the major problem with the country, nearly every government official request for something (bribe) before doing their legitimate duties, is not Immigration officials alone.
        Nigerians want other Nigerians either in government, authority or any services to be, efficient, uncorrupted and straightforward but they themselves are not ready to be same, they all look forward to saints in govt and walks of life but they are not, don’t want to be or can’t be saints themselves, that’s the irony of Nigeria and Nigerians.

  5. It is indeed very shameful and unprofessional. The immigration officers always act in opposite of the directives or new rules that are made. They need to reorientate them. They make coming home difficult for people by the way they waste your time because they want to collect money. If you refused to give them money, they will delay you. I traveled with expired passport last year because there were no booklet for renewal. I almost missed my flight when coming back because I could not renew it in Nigeria because of shortage of booklets. Despite the fact that I presented my American passport. They were requesting for dollars. It’s a big shame on the immigration officers.

  6. I think we are the one encouraging the immigration personnel because when they ask for money we give . if we don’t give and we know our right they can’t do anything instead tell to deport you back to the country you are coming from, you will see they will let you go.

  7. I agree with MO the immigration department are not helping their staff at the airports with adequate up to date info to sort immigration issues on the spot and fast. Visitors are unnecessarily punished by these personnel who are praying for errors in the documentation enabling them to make illegal demands from passengers. The department should be able to supply their representatives with weekly or monthly briefs on most current immigration entry requirements. Very embarrassing when these officials descend to begging. It doesn’t happen elsewhere.

  8. Taking bribe by most Nigerian officials is endemic. The reason is that their boss seconds it even when the law forbids it. They work as if we are preys, totally depending on thier service which is supposed to be free. we can’t go on like this at all!!
    The best way is to be exposing them through social media and other means.
    Any country that takes bribery and corruption as a norm won’t move forward at all. We all should be part of the solution.

  9. My last trip was in February, to Bury my mum. My oldest sister also came from New York when both of us were leaving, I put my Nigerian passport in the hand luggage and zipped it with only my British passport in my hand as I am only going back to my country, you should be concerned only if I have legal documentations to enter Nigeria. As my sister and I used wheelchairs, she is over 70 and I am over 60 with back injury, my sister released all her Nigerian and American travel documents. when my wheelchair assistant asked for mine, I gave him d British, he said where’s the Nigerian, I just told him, that’s all I have. He then said immediately my sister is done with the immigration officer she was with, he will just move me put with her. And confused the immigration people, and made them to think, another officer on d other side had dealt with me. I said OK, when he got to d gate, I gave him general #2000 as thank you. I do give £5 to d boys at Heathrow anyway. Guess what! this guy went to d other one pushing my sister , when he came back, he said ” I don’t believe you will give me #2K for risking my job, fir jobs like this, we take nothing less than #10,000. I told him, I didn’t ask u to risk anything, and if you had insisted, I have a valid Nigerian passport that I could have given u at your insistence. so I don’t want u to think u are doing me a great favour. He was still grumbling, so I said give me uour number, when I get to UK, I will fo something do u know d greedy scumbag gave ut to me. I felt like screwing his balls so hard he will be cursing his mother all his days, but I changed my mind, leaving him to God to threw him out of that job without getting involved. The Spirit of errors will take him to destination gor thieves.
    I had already given over #30K to d Virgin manager who pocketed money for extra bag I was carrying and all those who measured d bags and who spoke to d manager about the bag, all got over #35. All these people are bleeders, that’s why it’s do or die to get into any positions in that country, we consumer’s that gives all of them jobs are the ones they will bleed dry. I am not one that likes giving anybody bribe, but this last trip was unplanned and so many things to do, becos my son was getting married 6 months after his granny dying. All what we needed to do for d wedding was why i had extra baggage in the first place. Nigerians have no mercy, you have to be vigilant when they are searching your hand luggage bag b4 entering plane. I know whose complete jewellery bag inside hand luggage disappeared just by turning around to pick her daughter that was running around, she left d attending office for a split second, she only discovered when she got to US. As I always say ” Nigeria we hail thee” that’s d old national anthem. we hailed them indeed.

  10. What about our children who are automatically Nigerian due to their parents been Nigerians.
    However, their passports do not indicate place of birth as Nigeria
    Can they enter Naija with passports of their birth countries without visa?

    • The best way to get information about this is to write the immigration office Abuja .
      That is what I did about my expired passport before flying to Nigeria

      • What if you have a child born in the foreign land without a Nigeria passport. Will you be allowed to travel with the child with his/her foreign passport? What evidence will you be required to provide to proof that you are the parent?

  11. When you give ‘something’ you are giving a bribe.
    Simply, if everyone stops giving;
    There will be no expectation for it.
    The giver and the receiver of bribes are both guilty of corrupting the country.
    ‘Shameless beggars’

  12. I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about the last paragraph, does that mean coming into Nigeria for anyone with any African passport is now “yours truly” ….

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