Coal City University appoints Bell Ihua as visiting Professor


Coal City University, Enugu has appointed the Executive Director of Africa Polling Institute (API), Dr Bell Ihua, a Visiting Professor of Practice in the Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences.

A letter dated November 12, 2020 and signed by the University’s Registrar, Mrs Loretta J. Udeh, explained that the position of Professor of Practice “is awarded to a distinguished individual of recognized professional standing, with a significant track record of senior professional experience….”

This Professor of Practice appointment will offer Dr Ihua the opportunity to draw from his extensive industry and professional experience to provide linkages for students between theoretical and conceptual knowledge and the practical application of tools.

Students at Coal City University will have the opportunity to learn about opinion polling, surveys and social research from Dr Ihua in this new position.

He will be collaborating with the University to develop a new regional hub for opinion research that will promote good governance in South-East Nigeria and beyond.

He will also be contributing to the University’s flagship entrepreneurial programme designed to focus not just on new business ventures and business growth but on the development of the skills, attributes and behaviours of enterprising people, to be used in wide contexts (business, government, educational institutions, social enterprise, NGOs, to solve real-world business and societal problems.

In his reply, Dr Ihua expressed his appreciation to the University for the opportunity to contribute to enhance the work of the University.

In his words, “I am truly honoured to join Coal City University as a Visiting Professor of Practice, and excited about the opportunity to foster collaboration between ‘town and gown’ in my work.”

He further stated that “this appointment offers me the opportunity to give back to the society. I look forward to collaborating with other faculty members to stimulate growth and value creation on an institutional, regional, and national level.”

Dr Ihua, considered one of Nigeria’s leading public opinion pollsters and social researchers, is currently the Executive Director of Africa Polling Institute (API), an Abuja-based opinion research think-tank.

The organization supports state and non-state actors through the conduct of opinion polls, surveys, social research and evaluation studies, at the intersection of democracy, governance, economy and public life.

He previously served as Chief Executive Officer at NOI Polls Limited.

Dr Ihua is the founder and chairman at SMYLE Africa, a youth-led platform, which promotes social mobility among young people.

He also served as the Principal Consultant at DBI Analytics Consulting and member of the Board of Dumena Technologies Limited.

He brings to this new appointment his knowledge and wealth of experience of over 18 years as an entrepreneur, researcher and change agent.

Dr Ihua holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from Birmingham City University, Birmingham; Master’s degree in Knowledge Management from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Scotland; and PhD in Management from Kent Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom. He is married and has children.

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