Buhari receives asset declaration form from Chairman Code of Conduct Bureau, tasks others to follow suit


President Muhammadu Buhari has emphasized the importance of adhering to constitutional requirements regarding assets declaration both before and after assuming office.

He said he believed that this practice was crucial for promoting ethical standards, strengthening public service integrity, and combating corruption.

In line with this commitment, the President has directed that all outgoing officials, regardless of their position, must complete the assets declaration form, as he himself had done.

During a visit to Professor Isah Mohammed, the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau in Abuja on Friday, President Buhari received his assets declaration form and expressed his belief that nobody should be exempted from fulfilling this constitutional duty.

He further stated his intention to review the financial transactions in his bank account through his manager in Kaduna.

The President said he expected everyone, including the Vice President and officials at all levels, to comply with the system.

Professor Mohammed commended the President for his compliance with assets declaration requirements over the past eight years and for the support he has provided to the Bureau.

According to him “This support has led to a remarkable 99% compliance rate among elected and appointed officials.

“Additionally, the President’s assistance in digitizing the Bureau’s services and operations has significantly enhanced its efficiency in initiating investigations into cases.”

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