Video: Ibidun Ighodalo visited her Dad’s grave a day before her death


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"And this story is mysterious, spiritual and surreal. IBIDUNNI had grown up in Bodija, Ibadan, with her parents MR & MRS OLALEYE AJAYI. The Dad lived, died and was buried at Sango cemetery in Ibadan though he originated from Araromi Ilesa. Days ago, IBIDUNNI was on her way to Port Harcourt, her last journey on earth, and she suddenly said she's missed her Dad and once she got to Ibadan, she detoured to Sango Cemetery, accompanied by her aged "Aunt" according to impeccable sources. She went and sat and prayed on the grave. Was there a premonition of what was to come hours later? IBIDUNNI could be seen wading through the labyrinth of undulating paths in search of the grave. She looked so determined to find her Dad's resting place by all means. She had Police guards in toe. Her determination was palpable. From Ibadan, the convoy headed to Port Harcourt where IBIDUNNI was working frenetically on delivering a COVID-19 Isolation Center like she's done in Lagos and several other States. IBIDUNNI loved to take on and achieve mega projects. Her proclivity for spectacular ventures made her one of the hardest working and remarkably successful women in Africa. Her company ELIZABETH R, was a leading conglomerate in Events planning, Decoration, Rentals, Construction of Marquees and Equipment Supplies… She was passionate and daring… Her beautification of Lagos during Christmas seasons was legendary. She worked feverishly to light up and Lagos and turned the streets to a Dubai in the works… She had worked tirelessly on delivering COVID-19 Isolation Centers to all strategic States in Nigeria at the speed of light and with mathematical precision. Quality was her watchword… IBIDUNNI first came into limelight when she won the MISS LUX BEAUTY PAGEANT about two decades and she appeared boldly on the pages of OVATION INTERNATIONAL magazine. There was no stopping her, thereafter. She was destined to conquer the world and would later marry the amazing man of God PASTOR ITUAH IGHODALO and both enjoyed a whirlwind romance befitting the rich and famous…" May her beautiful soul Rest in Peace… Written by DELE MOMODU To be continued…

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