US hits 22,000 Coronavirus diagnoses as New York hospitals buckle under pressure


The United States has diagnosed 22,000 cases of coronavirus as hospitals in New York begin to buckle under the strain of treating sufferers.

America hit the grim tally on Saturday morning, with diagnoses more than doubling in two days.

It was confirmed as New York diagnoses hit 3,000 new cases over night, bringing the total number of diagnoses in the Empire State to 10,000.

The number of coronavirus sufferers has soared at an alarming rate, with the United States having just 101 coronavirus diagnoses on March 1 this year.

New York has been hardest hit by COVID-19, the name of the new coronavirus strain, with 8, 515 cases and 56 deaths.

Over 5,000 of those cases are in New York City itself, with America’s most populous city bracing itself for a further explosion in the number of people diagnosed and killed by Covid-19.

Two people, an hour, died of the disease in New York City on Friday between 10pm and 6pm.

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