US embassy gives reasons for evacuating citizens from Nigeria


The Embassy of United State in Nigeria on Tuesday gave reasons for evacuating its citizens from Nigeria.

According to a statement issued by the Embassy, “in times of emergency, the first priority of the United States Department of State is the safety of American citizens overseas.

“For that reason, throughout the world, we are working to ensure that Americans who want to return home are able to get home.”

It added that the Embassy appreciated the efforts of the Nigerian government to keep everyone safe but it was also understandable that many Americans would  want to return to be with their friends and family at this time, especially those who did not plan for an extended stay in Nigeria.

The Embassy added that the United States Mission was still operating and planned to continue the important work of representing the American people here.

“We ask all Americans who remain to join us in abiding by the rules the Nigerian Government has put in place to keep us all healthy and safe. By working together, we will get through this crisis together,” the Statement added.

The U.S. Consulate in Lagos also confirmed multiple emergency flights for this week departing from Lagos and Abuja.

It advised United States’ citizens not to come to the airport until they were contacted directly.

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