The Ekweremadu UK trial: Drama in court as alleged victim testifies

Ekweremadu and his wife

The Old Bailey trial of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, his wife, daughter and a doctor was on Wednesday characterised by drama when the Ebonyi-born alleged victim of the supposed organ harvest admitted to a series of lies about his person, parents and proceedings that led to his reporting to the London police.

Senator Ekweremadu, alongside his wife, Beatrice, daughter, Sonia, and a doctor, Obina Obeta, is being prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service for allegedly bringing David Nwamini into the United Kingdom to harvest his kidney to treat Sonia.

Nwamini, the alleged victim who is the star witness of the Crown Prosecution Service, CPS, however, turned the gallery in the Old Bailey into uproar and drama on Wednesday when he admitted to lying to the police at several points.

He was in the witness box on Wednesday as he was cross-examined by the counsel to one of the defendants, Dr Obinna Obeta.

He admitted that contrary to his earlier claims of being 15 years at the time, he reported in May 2022 that he was at that time 21 and presently 22 and will be 23 in October.

Contrary to his earlier claim of being an orphan and homeless person in Lagos, Nwamini told the trial on Wednesday that his parents were alive in Ebonyi and that he was relatively a successful trader of phone accessories in Lagos.

He said that he made a profit of about N3,000 daily from his business.

He also agreed that he had an apartment in Lagos, which he shared with someone.

The serial admission of lies the alleged victim admitted to in the court caused a subdued rumpus in the gallery of the Old Bailey putting to question the wisdom of the London Metropolitan Police and the CPS in putting forward Senator Ekweremadu and his family to trial. (GWG)

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