Royal Dictum



I am reminded of the words of Obaruduagbon in Ola Rotimi’s eponymous play; Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, a drama set in the ancient Benin Kingdom:
“Today Is Your Day: Tomorrow Belongs To Another!”
We must learn to be careful at any point we find ourselves
as we may not always be in that position.
We know today, but tomorrow is not always defined.
Consider Time & Karma:
“Birds when alive, eat ants.
When a bird dies, ants eat it.
One tree can be made into one million
matchsticks, but it takes only one
matchstick to burn a million trees!
Circumstances can change at any
time. Don’t devalue or hurt anyone
in this life. You may be powerful or rich today, but time is more powerful than any human!

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