Planned demolition of property of political opponents, group warns Obaseki against tyranny 


Godwin Obaseki

A social political pressure group Edo Peoples Movement has warned the Governor of Edo State to stop his planned demolition of properties belonging to members of his party APC on account of their withdrawal of support for his( Obaseki’s) second term ambition.

This warning is coming on the heels of the planned demolition notice served on two of the members of the Edo Peoples Movement Barrister Henry Idahagbon, former Attorney General of Edo State and Co -Covener of the group and Comrade Tony Kabaka. 

The group which has been in the forefront of opposing Obaseki’s second term aspiration has been a target of several attacks and intimidation by the Governor Obaseki administration which many believed lacks tolerance of opposing views of his administration.

In a statement issued by one of the Co -Covener Hon Samson Osagie, former Minority Whip of the house of Representatives, the group noted that in a democracy what is acceptable is engagement among political forces rather than the use of brute force as has become the hallmark of the Obaseki’s government.

According to him ” the capacity of any leader or government to constructively engage and manage all the centrifugal and centripetal forces in any democratic society defines its character ” .

Increasingly, Governor Godwin Obaseki who rode to power on the crest of the party’s goodwill has rather than build and improve on same taken to the ignoble path of destroying the entire fabrics of the party on account of desperate political ambition”. He noted that the implementation of government policies on physical and urban planning must be done with human face and not used as an instrument of witch hunting those who are opposed to government politics and policies. 

The consequences of enthroning an authoritarian regime such as the type Obaseki seeks to enthrone in Edo state is that the people will be left with no alternative voices. That will return the State to the Hobbesian State of nature “where life was short, nasty and brutish ..” And there is no way such an inglorious path can be tolerated by well meaning citizens. 

He assured all EPM members across the State to remain committed to the APC as the task of rebuilding the party from the imminent ruins hy the current handlers is one that must be achieved.

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