Peter Obi’s aide publishes degree result to shun traducers, challenges others whose results are doubted to publish theirs


Following a series of criticisms by traducers about the education of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, his Spokesperson, Mr. Valentine Obienyem has finally published his Bachelors Degree certificate in Philosophy obtained from the institution in 1984.

Mr Obienyem says: It would have just required publishing Mr. Peter Obi’s degree result to stop the perennial debate about the class of degree he came out with. Each time I mentioned it to him, Obi would restrain me from publishing. His stand is clear: “Val, to me, education is the progressive discovery of our ignorance. We learn everyday. The possession of paper qualification is not, and cannot become the measure of wisdom and intelligence. When people debate what I graduated with, ignore them. To allow yourself become fixated on such inane discourse is to imply that you do not have better things to do.”

But I have always had a different view. Simple publication, not for the sake of debate, but to clear all doubts, especially among those that are deceived.

Yesterday, though INEC
included “Degree” to his qualifications, without specifying the field, mischief makers went to town. Some of them even went to the extent of implying that either he did not attend university after all or he did not graduate.

He remains the most probed and searched Nigerian. They wish they could detect faults in him as a mark of respect for the frailty of human nature.

At this point, there is no need conferring with him. I had to reach our boss immediately, Mr. Oseloka Obaze. Hear him: “ Val, go on and publish. If any thing arises, tell him that I authorized. We need not appease mischief makers, but to clear all doubts among all men and women of goodwill who are genuinely concerned.”

Also attached is his credentials as published by INEC.

Having published the result, let others whose credentials are doubted publish theirs. (Prime Business Africa excepting edited headline)


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