Osinbajo to Nigerians: I’ll serve with all my heart


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has vowed to serve with all his heart if he emerges Nigeria’s president in 2023.

He said there is no greater privilege than to have the opportunity to give one’s best in the service of the country, contributing to society and making life better for the people.
Osinbajo spoke on Wednesday in Taraba and Adamawa states during in continuation of his engagements with stakeholders and delegates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking at the Lamido of Adamawa’s palace, Osinbajo said: “My reason for aspiring for the office of the President of Nigeria is to serve the Nigerian people. I have no other reason or objective except to serve.
“After one has been in office as Vice President for 7 years, I know that God did not give me that opportunity so that I would seat down somewhere and write the history of my service as Vice President.
“It is for the purpose of serving the people, and that is why I am so determined that if God gives me the opportunity to serve, the Nigerian people would realise indeed they have done the right thing by putting me in office because I would serve the country with everything, with all my heart and commitment.”

The vice president was received at the palace of the Lamido of Adamawa, by His Royal Highness, Muhammadu Mustapha.

The monarch prayed for the realization of the VP’s presidential aspiration.
“I hope your coming will add more light to Adamawa because you are the Jagaba of Adamawa. I hope you succeed in your efforts to become the President of this country. As long as when you’re coming to Adamawa, and with your visit to my palace, this will encourage people to see that you are really the Jagaba of Adamawa,” the Lamido said.

He also noted the continuing efforts of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in addressing the diverse challenges facing the country.
His words: “God doesn’t give you a challenge without showing you how to solve them. I know all the efforts we are putting in place especially led by President Muhammadu Buhari, we will see an end to the insecurity in our country. In the next few years, God giving us the strength and opportunity, we will definitely see progress in our country.
“I want to say to our country that there is a lot of hope; this country has everything that is necessary to be great – the talents, resources and we also have the men and women who are able to serve. I am very optimistic that all will be well with our country.”

While addressing the delegates in both states, the VP acknowledged all the support that has been offered towards his presidential bid, while again emphasising that his sole purpose for seeking the highest office of the land, was purely to serve Nigeria and give his best for the country.
Emphasizing the importance of service to the people, Osinbajo stated that “one of the very important things I want to share with delegates anywhere I go is that the role of the politician is an important one.
“God has given us an opportunity to serve, and that opportunity is one that we must treasure and thank God for. Out of so many people in the country, those of you who are here are those who have been chosen in one way or the other, appointed or elected.
“That position is not for our personal aggrandizement; it is to contribute to our society and make life better for our people. It is an opportunity to truly serve the people,” he noted.

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