Ogun Guber Race: Why Ladi Adebutu must succeed Dapo Abiodun in 2023, By Segun Adewale

Ladi Adebutu, PDP governorship hopeful in Ogun: Set to dismantle incumbency factor...

I always feel elated, fulfilled and rewarded whenever I reflect on how Ogun State has positively fared in her active contributions to the development of socio-economic and political affairs of Nigeria right from the pre-independence, independence and of course post independence era of our national life.

As a result of this applaudable reality, Ogun State which is largely adjudged as the goose that is laying the golden eggs for the good of Nigeria must equally be seen to be governed by a leader that is intelligent, visionary, purpose-driven, responsible, responsive, intentional/genuine in championing capacity building and human capital development without bias or prejudice.

Similarly, the leader must equally be of unquestionable pedigree, sound academic background, good oratory and persuasive skills, compassionate, cerebral and with no criminal records etc. Sadly,  some of the present crop of leaders we have in Ogun State have regrettably deviated from the norms for good governance while also lacking integrity, decency and dignity. As a matter of urgency we truly need to rescue our state from the hands of charlatans  in our own interest. Governance is for those that are serious-minded, better prepared and certainly not for opportunists, puppets or those with lacklustre attributes.

As a stakeholder in Ogun State politics who mean well for my people particularly the downtrodden, I make bold to say 2023 will indeed be a defining moment for us and we are committed to change the narrative of having wrong people running our affairs especially the office of the Chief Executive.

Whilst I have tremendous respect for the exalted office of a State Governor, however I still found it difficult to come to terms with the dealings of someone like Dapo Abiodun despite the weighty allegations against him, which ordinarily should have made him to take a bow and clear his name, he is still sitting-tight in office and worst still, thinking of running for another term, this is not just laughable, but very shameful, despicable, reprehensible and bereft of high moral rectitude. His failure to do the honourable thing is a reflection of the fact that he doesn’t deserve the office in the first instance.

I can recall vividly sometime in December 2018 where Dapo Abiodun, in an appearance on Sunday Politics, a live programme on Channels Television, said he did go to school in Ife but he didn’t graduate from the University of Ife (OAU) adding that he never claimed to have obtained a degree from the University of Ife. When asked specifically about the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, a degree he claimed to possess, Mr Governor said he would not comment further. Anyone making such a mumbo-jumbo statements should never be allowed to occupy any public position let alone becoming a Governor of a State like Ogun.

Ladi Adebutu: Takes up the gauntlet against mediocrity in Ogun Government House…

Also in April 2022 a member of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun State, Ayodele Oludiran petitioned the National Chairman of the party, Abdullahi Adamu, over the ineligibility of Governor Dapo Abiodun as the candidate of the party in 2023. In the petition signed on April 12, Oludiran stated that Abiodun was accused of concealing criminal offences he allegedly committed in the USA in the 1980s.

The petitioner further noted that there are discrepancies in Forms CF001 the Governor filled in 2015 and 2019 with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He said there are discrepancies in the educational qualifications Dapo Abiodun submitted to INEC. According to him, while contesting for Governor in 2019, Mr Abiodun claimed he attended International Primary School Ayetoro in 1971. But four years earlier, while he was running for Senate, the Governor submitted another primary school, Comprehensive High School Ayetoro State Primary School, in 1971. In all honesty Ogun State doesn’t deserve this.

Yet, in the middle of this mess, Abidemi Rufai, a Senior Special Assistant to Dapo Abiodun recently  pleaded guilty to his role in a $350,763 heist in the United States. This individual used stolen Social Security numbers and other personal data to file $350,763 in fake claims for pandemic unemployment benefits in 2020. This ugly and embarrassing development has however made the work easier for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti graft agents to scrutinize the financial records of our state, whilst also exposing corruption and other impropriety enmeshed in Dapo Abiodun’s administration.

If truly our institutions are working, by now Dapo Abiodun should have been impeached and stripped of his immunity by the State Assembly and then voluntarily surrender himself to the law enforcement agency; unfortunately that has not happened which is a good reason for men of good conscience to rise to the occasion of saving our dear state from total collapse and disgrace.

However, the people of Ogun State have no cause to lose hope about good governance that the Gate-Way State rightfully deserves as there is already a genuine and thorough bred change agent on board who is Dr Ladi Adebutu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he is coming all out to create better alternative and restore back our pride and dignity to the office of the Governor which Dapo Abiodun and his ilk have soiled with his damning criminal records bothering on pejruy, forgery, theft, etc.

Ladi Adebutu of the PDP isn’t a green horn in politics having served his constituency meritoriously at the hallowed chamber of the Federal House of Representatives.  He is of a noble background, good parentage and excellent upbringing, humble, no criminal records and the veracity of his academic qualifications are never in doubt, from his first degree to the third degree. Indeed Ogun State cannot settle for less. Adebutu is competent, reliable, well mannered, trusted and very well prepared for the job with intimidating skill set.

Without mincing words, before his foray into partisan politics
Adebutu had been known for using his personal resources to impact lives positively especially that of the youths and when he held sway as a lawmaker his style of representation was qualitative and impactful; electing him as the Governor of the State would afford him a greater capacity to empower the people more.

He is a courageous leader who stood and fought for PDP when other leaders left. He is truly a loyal party man that deserves the votes of the PDP delegates in Ogun State to afford him stand as the party’s standard bearer in the 2023 gubernatorial election. I therefore extend my call to all members and chieftains of the party, as well as the people of the Ogun State, to support Adebutu in his ambition to become Governor of the state.

As a populist, his programmes are masses friendly and his roadmap is anchored on instituting the appropriate reforms in the government machinery that ensures continuity, sustainability, good governance and effective performance by credible leadership. It will equally put in place a deliberate, concerted and determined team that would work together in recovering Ogun back from the shackles of disjointed wasteful and corruption-ridden programmes.

Adebutu is also determined to engage in deliberate actions and outcomes driven approach that would deliver the expectations of the generality of the citizens irrespective of status, ethnicity, class, caste, religion, belief, gender or language, in a cost-effective and community driven style, and he would ensure rapid, balanced and sustainable economic development that will make Ogun State a “silicon valley” and cynosure of all eyes and for all the good reasons admissible in a democratic structure.

● Omoba Segun Adewale, a PDP chieftain and Director of Communications and strategy for Ladi Adebutu Campaign Organisation, wrote from Yewa South, Ogun State.

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