Nigeria’s population conundrum and national development, By Abubakar Yusuf


Nigeria is at a cross road, five years down the line, there had not being a reliable population figures to determine so many development variables within and outside the shores of Nigeria, and sixteen years after, getting to two decades, precisely in 2006 ,the last population and housing census exercise was held.

This is unbecoming of a nation regarded as leading in African continent, that is expected to show a more acceptable examples that other smaller countries in the west African subregion will be looking up to, both in decisions and actions.

It is also detrimental at this global age for a country like Nigeria to still be operating an analogue and controvertible population figures spanned for over a decade, at this period when smaller countries had their accurate population figures and statistics at their finger tips.

This ugly situations aside precluding National developement is also capable of creating uneasy calm that can result to dimensions of unrests, that may not augur well for the progress and development of the country.

With inaccurate data and statistics and unreliable population figures , Nigeria will not be able to address the current global health challenges of COVID interms of provision of adequate vaccination schedule and vaccines with figures that are not in tandem with the current realities.

With population figures in Nigeria being bandied between 150M to 200M viz 2006 census , and used as a template to the provision of social amenities, it appeared a mere speculations, since our population figures, death and birth control was beyond accurate statistics and the purview of our body polity.

It is unfortunate that Nigeria is in this situation at this period in the 21st Century, when the entire world had grown technologically and deployed same to achieve a reliable, non-controversial and accurate statistics and data to achieve it’s population and housing census figures.

With Nigeria regarded as a developing nation in the comity of nations, it fell short of the indices when issues that prevailed in underdeveloped countries is still prevalent in Nigeria.

It is therefore germane, as countries with one of the thriving democracies in recent times, as one of the parameters and measurements towards a successful nation in all areas, will be an acceptable and accurate population statistics acceptable to both to Nigerians and the international communities.

These dire consequences had denied Nigeria and Nigerians access to socio-economic and political developement both nationally and internationally.

Hence, it is imperative, no minding the delay, Nigeria and Nigerians should be looking up to a new brand population census figures in 2022, as delay beyond this point in time will not do the country any good, according to a popular word that says, ‘It is better late, than never’.

The body language of the National Population Commission NPC, a body charged with addressing the population quagmire and possibly ressolving it, with an outcome of an acceptable figures in readiness to toe the line of it’s mandate as directed by the Nigeria’s government.

It is on record, that the new commission under an indefatigable leadership and an astute adminstrator, Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra had tuned both material and human aspect of the body towards conducting a generally acceptable population census exercise in the second quarter of the year.

Having achieved much in the area of preparations, all hands must be on deck by Nigerians to demonstrate patriotic and selflessness towards the forthcoming civic exercise in the country.

With the conclusion of the basic requirements towards a successful population census, that included pre-census, technology and equipments, there is no doubt that the 2022 census will be a major achievement of the present administration.

The NPC armed with the mandate of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari and the supports of the international communities through its various agencies had showed a remarkable preparations to ensure a hitch free and generally acceptable outcome of the population census figures.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf, A Media Consultantant, Public Affairs Analyst From Abuja.

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