Naira Scarcity: Confusion as pregnant woman goes into labour while queuing for cash at a bank (+video)


A video is doing the rounds on social media. It captures the anxious moments a woman went into labour while queuing for cash at a bank in Port Harcourt.
Confusion set in and there was bedlam. Not many people in the arena knew what to do.

The scene went rowdy as bystanders who had all lined up to withdraw cash at their bank when the expectant mother’s water broke, ran helter-skelter, trying to assist the lady into a car that would evacuate her to the hospital.

One witness could be heard explaining that the heavily pregnant woman had been made to stand for hours under the scorching sun to withdraw her money when she began experiencing labour contractions.

Fortunately, altruistic Nigerians were able to carry her into a taxi, which took off in the direction of a nearby hospital.

Watch the video below:

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