#LekkiMassacre: CNN Report Infodemic- Aledeh.com pokes holes in CNN report


Some Nigerians have been worried about CNN’s latest so-called investigation. They have been asking some key questions which the global news network must answer.

CNN published an investigation it conducted on the Lekki Toll Gate on Wednesday.

The American news-based television channel’s investigation came after about 28 days after the incident.

This report seeks to investigate CNN’s investigation on the following premise;

  • Jeff Koinange a CNN journalist was reprimanded by the Nigerian government over a report where he accompanied masked MEND guerillas to a camp where they were holding a number of Filipino hostages. The Nigerian government said it was staged. He was eventually fired for that act.
  • September 4, 2002, CNN published a storywith headline, “Iraq has tons of chemical weapons”. Along with Fox News, CNN played a big role in convincing the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


  • October 7, 2004, after the invasion of Iraq, CNN published another story with headline, “Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq”. Experts at CNN did not conduct an investigation research in Iraq for the good of the country.
  • December 2018, researchgate.com uploaded a publication titled, “The fall of Gaddafi through CNN and Fox News”. Excerpt from the introduction reads,

Ignorance about the political and social processes in Libya lead the Fox and CNN audiences to accept, without prior or later questioning, the actions of NATO in Libya

Research shows that CNN launches investigation into chaos and whatever would portray Africa and Middle East countries in bad light. Also, with its error in Iraq and Libya, CNN reports or investigations are not unquestionable.

CNN Launches Investigation

The Nigeria army was accused of shooting at innocent protesters on the night of October 20. The incident had sparked controversies when Nigerians became divided on whether there was a Massacre or not following the immediate resurrection of those who were believed to have died on that night.

Eniola Badmus, Steve Abbey, Iraoya Godwin etc., debunked the news that they died. More information on the fake news surrounding the alleged #LekkiMassacre would be provided after scrutinizing CNN’s report.

Proving the Massacre

News went around immediately after the shooting that 78 people were killed by the Nigerian army at the Lekki Toll Gate.

Amnesty International confirmed 12 deaths without evidences. It was rumored that the soldiers took the bodies away.

October 23, CNN tweeted that the soldiers killed 38 protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate also without evidences.

In its most recent investigation published on Wednesday, a single body was provided but did not explain what happened to the other bodies after strategically ignoring Dj Switch’s claim that the soldiers took dead bodies away.

Our researchers have tried to contact the brother of Victor, Elisha Sunday Ibanga for more information. At the time of this writing, we have not been able to get him.

Questions on the dead body

  • A Judicial Panel had been created to submit evidences on the alleged Lekki Massacre, why is Elisha withholding information?
  • It was said that he was shot around 1:04am. If the Nigeria Army went away with the dead bodies according to Dj Switch, when was his corpse taken away?
  • The picture had surfaced earlier on the internet before CNN’s investigation.

A Twitter user, Onyiye Francis refuted this story that had thousands of retweets claiming that it was a drama. However, we have not been able to trace the body said to be of Victor.

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