Lanre Arogundade @ 58: A Birthday Toast to Lanruse


By Ayo Aluko-Olokun

Some call him Comrade, some Chairman, some Lanrus yet to others including yours truly, he is Lanruse. But, one constant denominator to all his names and sobriquet is his consistency to the struggle; in consonance to his name Arogundade (someone who gets crowned for battles).

An activist to the core: As a student (he was former NANS President); as a worker (remains a brain-box and mobiliser for workers struggles in Nigeria); as a unionist (he was Chairman of the vibrant Lagos NUJ); as a social activist (he is an activist who presides over an NGO championing the development and interest of journalists in Nigeria).

Lanruse has brought so much joy and happiness to many people’s lives through his activism and career, with his motives neither selfish nor for pecuniary gains; but altruistic. He doesn’t ask what is in it for me, like the merchants of today’s struggles, but always focused on how it will benefit the people; seeking the common good of all. He cherishes and guides his name, reputation and integrity so much that you are not likely to find him in any anti-people gathering albeit inadvertently.

Birthday celebration is an opportunity to show love to our beloved. And, also a perfect time to show people that we love that we really care about them and appreciate them for what they mean to us and stand for.

Lanruse, my dear brother, friend and soulmate, this is my toast to your steadfastness, uprightness and standing up for the masses; to your being a source of blessing to others; to your being a mentor and role model to generations of activists; and to your being a loving husband to Ogunsola and a good father to Omolola and Eniola.

58 Gbosas and hearty cheers to this jolly good fellow

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