Group rejects Obaseki, accuses him of sponsoring Ogiamien family against Benin royal throne


A group of Benin sons and daughters has accused Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki of “treacherous and abominable sponsorship of the Ogiamien family” against the Benin royal throne.

Addressing a press conference, President and Secretary of Bini Renaissance, Chief Ekhator Osawaru and Chief Aiyemekhue Osunde, respectively, said the shameful role played by Agho Obaseki, the grandfather of the present Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, was not a new or unknown fact.

“In what went down as the greatest act of treachery in the history of mankind, Agho Obaseki, after enjoying the generosity and kindness of Oba Ovonramwen, connived with foreign invaders, and led British troops through the back door into the Benin Kingdom to plunder, pillage, and loot our treasury, as well as challenge the authority of the King.

“The events that followed, including how the resilience of the Benins prevented Agho Obaseki and other traitors from stealing the throne of the Oba, which they have long coveted, are also well documented in history,” they said.

They said as proud sons and daughters of Benin kingdom and heirs of the “courageous warriors”, who stood and fought side by side, with their King, they expressed disgust and rejection of one of the treacherous seeds of Agho Obaseki, who “is abominably abusing the powers of his office as Governor to sponsor a jinxed family laying claims to the throne of the great Oba of Benin.”

“For years, in the face of condemnation, rebuke, and relentless education on the spiritual and cultural ramifications of attempting to undermine the authority of the great Oba of Benin who stands and rules as the source of all Benin sons and daughters, the Ogiamien family persisted in their folly, even going further to imply in multiple media engagements that they are ‘the original owners’ of the Kingdom.

“This disrespect and abomination did not end there. In 2018, the same family, in an interview with the Guardian Newspaper, accused the late Oba Erediauwa of conniving with a military Governor to repeal an edict that would have otherwise given them a claim to the throne.

“It also accused Oba Ewuare II of conducting a secret coronation exercise, implying further that their unnoticed absence took something away from the legitimacy of the ceremony.”

“Of course, every true Benin son and daughter is aware of the unbroken line of Obas that have presided over the Benin Kingdom, and all in it, for decades. And they are also aware of the consequences of challenging an Oba’s authority, questioning his words, and worse, to imply in the public that the Oba told a lie or acted with malice,” the group said.

The grouo further said that with all these grievous offences and abomination, “the Ogiamiens have committed impunity.”

According to the group, “They have scoffed at our source and refused to acknowledge the authority of the one who was ordained by God himself to rule over us.

“This is why all true Benin sons and daughters, home and way, have not only called out the Ogiamiens on their lunacy, but also distanced themselves from the family and its public dance of shame.”

The group further stated that it was, however, shocking to “see signs and trails of tacit support, both financial and otherwise, that this family started to enjoy from the Edo State Government since the emergence of Governor Godwin Obaseki in 2016.

“Suddenly, their voice of confusion and evil royal claim grew louder and more vociferous, with prominent media features and interviews.

“Their masquerade dance came onto the street, but no one knew exactly what motivated the spirited steps and who the drummer was.

“However, time and the Edo 2020 election have unveiled the mask and revealed the identity of this secret drummer.”

The group said on Sunday, the 23rd of August that the Ogiamien family, led by Professor Tony Ogiamien, took a full-page advert in Vanguard newspaper, declaring their unflinching support for Governor Godwin Obaseki, and told everyone that “On Obaseki We Stand.”

“It leaves no doubt that having received the support and backing of Governor Godwin Obaseki, this family has now come out to repay him with an endorsement, with hopes that if he wins, he would continue to bankroll their deeply insulting and abominable claim to the throne of our King,” the group said.

The group further stated that anyone who was of the Ogiamien was not its own and made it clear to all that Governor Godwin Obaseki had sided with the enemy of the Oba and was now also considered as such.

The group added: “His other infractions, including presenting himself before our revered monarch with a cap on and seeking his blessings without the required Kola and gin, all but reveal that this Governor, like the Ogiamien, has no respect or regard for the throne.

“Perhaps Godwin Obaseki is plotting to repeat the evil deeds of his grandfather, Agho Obaseki, to the Palace by conniving with strangers to steal the throne.

“We wish to declare to him and his co-travelers that never will this happen. Not now, not ever.

“Godwin Obaseki has been rejected and we have already begun the sensitization and mobilization of all Benin sons and daughters to ensure that this reprobate is sacked from office and his abomination permanently purged from the Kingdom.”

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