Governance in Edo state has come to a grinding halt, says APC chair, Imuse


The Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the All Peoples Congress, (APC), Col David Imuse (retd) said Friday that governance in Edo state had finally ground to a halt in Edo State.

He said this was at a time of increasingly alarming numbers of COVID19 cases, with many dying.

He blamed the “sad development” on infighting between the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and the Governor Godwin Obaseki administration.

In a statement signed by Victor Ofure Osehobo, the Edo APC Assistant Publicity Secretary, Col Imuse declared that: “Our party finds it ludicrous that in the face of the deadly second wave of the coronavirus, the PDP and the Governor in Edo are engaged in such a deadly fight.”

He said the infighting over positions and booties of victory had already thrown the State into confusion, as the wheel of governance had since stopped in all its ramifications.

He described the PDP in Edo State as a sanctuary of self-centered politicians “who do not care about the people because as power mongers and tax collectors, their only interest is the Edo State Treasury.”

He stated further: “It is five months after the election. There is bitter fighting and hostilities in the Edo State Government apparatus.

“This is as a result of the confusion that has enveloped the PDP and Governor Obaseki regime over the sharing formula for positions in the administration.

“The vicious war for positions as ‘booty’ of a mandate which is the subject of a petition at the Election tribunal further exposes the PDP and the cabal in the Obaseki regime as power mongers who are only interested in power grabbing and mortgaging the collective patrimony of Edo.

“Edo people are watching the PDP tax collectors, as they are locked in this shameless conduct, with it’s leaders fighting openly and shamelessly over the spoils of office: this is so soon after facilitating the emptying of the state treasury and now are coordinating the Governor’s resolve to dubious loans from every source to sustain their greed, and milk Edo people dry.”

The APC Chairman said the alleged infighting was a confirmation that Obaseki, “has no plans for Edo state”.

“The harsh reality is that, with the situation at hand, there is no hope in sight for our State under the PDP and the Obaseki regime,” he said.

He added: “Nevertheless, the APC stands with millions of Edo people in the wake of the second wave of Covid19 and advises all to observe the NCDC regulations for their individual Good Health and Safety.

“We call on all Edo people to keep Physical distance and wear nose masks whenever they are outside, wash your hands as often as possible with soap and running water, and use hand sanitizers and stay at home if you do have genuine reasons to go out.”

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