CAMA: CUPP, opposition lawmakers forge new partnership on amendment of controversial clauses


In an innovative approach, the Opposition Coalition (CUPP) has released proposed new clauses to “cure the grave defects” in the controversial Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020 that have pitched government against religious Institutions.

A statement by Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, spokesperson of the CUPP, and National Chairman, Action Peoples Party (APP), said the coalition had forged with opposition lawmakers led by Hon. Kingsley Chinda.

He further stated that the new partnership was to ensure that the ruling APC did not continue to take undue advantage of its majority in the National Assembly to make laws that would breed suspicion, mistrust, division and even anarchy in the nation.

“This new relationship will also afford both parties provide mutual support for each other for the overall benefit of the country.

“By this move, the opposition coalition has also shown that it not all about criticism but that it also provides alternative and indeed better ideas to that which the present government can provide.

“The clause by clause proposal when merged with the opposition lawmakers work, presented on the floor of the Parliament, adopted by Parliament and signed into law by the President will cure whatever mischief the government claims it wants to cure but without causing such uproar as the present amendment has caused,” Ugochinyere said.

He added that religious institutions were important in the society and actually provided a moral compass to the people.

He said a situation where religious institutions stood against the government or religious institutions suspected that government was against them or targeting them was unhealthy and must be nipped in the bud.

“Religious leaders must continue to pray for the government and not pray against them and anything that would lead to the latter must not be allowed to see the light of the day,” he said.

Ugochinyere also said that the CUPP believed that this move would bring a positive closure to this situation and allow for citizens to express their right to freedom of worship without let or hindrance and to express all other constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms.

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