Buruji Kasamu: I have lost a friend, brother and mentor-Hon. Adesegun Abdel-Majid



With the death on Saturday of Senator Buruji Kasamu, an exciting Chapter in the Ogun State Political history was abruptly cut shot, according to Deputy Minority Whip 8n the House of Representatives, Hon. Adekoya Adesegun Abdel-Majid.

In a condolence message, Hon. Abdel-Majid wrote, “Here is a man who was different things to many people. Love him or hate him, he was a quintessential model of convictions and strong faith in whatever you believe in and he gave it all. To me, he was simply a brother, friend and a mentor than a political associate.

“I will miss him for all his trust and confidence. The people of Ogun State will surely miss him more, especially the army of loyalists and followers whom he spent his fortunes to make happy.

“I am greatly consoled that as a Muslim that we are all helpless before Allah Subuana Ta alla, the Owner and Giver of life.

“I pray that Almighty Allah forgive him all his sins and grant him space in Aljanah.

“I sympathize with all members of his family, his political and business associates and all his Constituents on this sad loss. I pray that Allah grant them the succor to bear the painful loss.”



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