Amnesty International condemns forced eviction of residents of Apo Ressetlement


Amnesty International has condemned the demolition of hundreds of houses at the NEPA Junction settlement in Apo, Abuja.

The international human right group said the forced eviction was carried out with bulldozers at 3 am on Saturday, under the supervision of armed policemen who chased residents out using tear gas.

The group added that the forced eviction had rendered hundreds of families homeless and some residents hospitalized.

Amnesty International said property and means of livelihood of residents had been destroyed.

“No one should be in a position of increased vulnerability to #COVID19 by being rendered homeless,” Amnesty International said.

The group added that the Federal Capital Territory Authority must investigate and prosecute those responsible for this forced eviction.

It said emergency alternative accommodation and relief must also be provided for those who have been rendered homeless.


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