Ali-Baba Tackles Executive Jet Boss, Laments Nigeria’s Poor Record Keeping

Nigerian ace comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba has taken the Chairman of Executive Jet Services, Sam Iwuajoku to the cleaners.
The famous comedian, who expressed dissatisfaction with the utterances of the ExecuJet Services boss, took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, June 16th, 2020 and wrote;
When I talk about us doing ourselves in this country, some people will say, he is a comedian. Now you see why VISA on arrival can be given to other countries and not Nigeria.”
“We have no database to verify anything. We board a plane and they don’t know who were the people on the flight. Really? So we just fly blind. Pun intended.”
“That is why it is impossible to find people who have committed crimes. Because they disappear into the undocumented cracks of the society.”
“This is why we do not know who brought billions of naira in Ghana must go bags and abandoned them at the airport. You thought it was Babatunde Fashola. Like really?”
“Even see the letter. When you tell people to employ corporate communications manager, they will say my sister’s brother’s son’s niece just graduated and needs a job.”
“Where are @samumukoro, @ethelbertsclothing, @amydonzee… see the letter your colleagues wrote to the minister. You people can do better.”
“Then all those airport securities that will make you nearly miss a flight because you do not have an ID on you, so you don’t know the Hon Minister of Works and Housing?”“When did government lift the ban on interstate travels? And we have a minister for Interior. Someone who should have started putting together a proposal for census the first day he resumed and submitted it at the very first Federal Executive Council Meeting.”
“Even if that’s the only thing you are remembered for as minister for Interior. But what do I know sef? Shebi I am just a comedian?”

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