Akpata faults moves to regulate social media


President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Olumide Akpata, has faulted moves by the Federal Government to further regulate social media.

Besides, he said he believed that the timing of the move was wrong.

He was responding to questions on whether the social media needed further regulations and other issues when he appeared on “Sunday Politics” on Channels TV.

According to him, “I struggle with the terms that we bandy around. Like I said, I think the social media space is regulated already.

“Are we saying regulate or shutdown? What are we saying because we hear them using regulate? We hear the minister of Information use the word ‘sanitize.’ I just say to myself, ‘what are we trying to do?’ The timing is suspicious.”

While admitting that there are people who are “irresponsible” in their usage of social media, he said the country had laws to deal with such kind of persons.

He stated: “And if we need to tweak the laws here and there, as we amend our laws every day to meet with issues that may come up that were not previously contemplated, we are all well and good.”

“But it is not throwing out the baby and the bathwater approach like I suspect that is in contemplation by those who are handling the levers of power today. That is not going to work,” he added.

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