2023: PDP presidential hopeful, Ugwu, promises to “reinvent” Nigeria


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Enugu-born Barrister Charlie Ugwu, KSJI, has released his campaign posters in Abuja with a promise to reinvent Nigeria if elected President in next year’s (2023) general election.

Addressing supporters at his campaign office in Wuse II Abuja, on Friday, (April 22, 2022), Ugwu emphasised the need for the country to elect, in next year’s general election, a man with capacity, good education and training, adequate emotional intelligence and managerial skills, to run the country.

He said the security, socioeconomic and political challenges facing the country at the moment required a man with such qualities as described above to govern Nigeria as president.

The presidential hopeful also reiterated his call for equity, justice and fairness in the political leadership of the country, pointing out that it was in a bid to grant Nigerians from every part of the country equitable access to power and authority, with regard to the leadership of the country, that the framers of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution enshrined the federal character principle in the Constitution.

“We are a nation of diversity and that must be taken into consideration in our leadership recruitment processes,” Ugwu declared.

He added: “We must create a buy-in for every group in the governance of our country in what is known also as participatory democracy.

“We must give every Nigerian and or group a sense of belonging in the Nigeria Project, which in turn will engender the mass support that every government needs to succeed anywhere in the world.

“I dare say that one major problem of the current administration is the unconscionable nepotism that has characterised its appointment of officers to governance institutions in Nigeria in the past seven years plus.”

Ugwu re-emphasized the need for the PDP to zone its presidential ticket to southern Nigeria in accordance with the extant provisions of its constitution and in the spirit of equity, justice and fairness.

“Our great Party, the PDP, is a party of equity, justice and fairness,” Ugwu stressed.

“We demonstrated this in 2019 when all southern Nigerian members of the party with presidential ambition stayed away from the race, allowing only northern candidates to contest.

“That was how Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal and others became the only contestants in the PDP presidential primary at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar eventually won the primary election and became the PDP presidential standard-bearer in the 2019 general election. It is only natural that the North reciprocates that gesture now.

“I have also spoken elsewhere on the issue of micro-zoning. I maintain that I have no problem with micro-zoning. But I believe that what is most important now is for the PDP to resolve to zone its presidential ticket to the South and go ahead and do that.

“Thereafter, we would decide which zone most deserves the ticket and, believe me, if PDP is able to take the first crucial decision of zoning the ticket to the South, it will also be able to equitably micro-zone the ticket to the most deserving of the three geopolitical zones in the South – South East, South south or South West.”

Seated in one of the posters and dressed in a charming three-piece ensemble of blue-stripe agbada upon
sokoto, Ugwu strikes an upbeat pose with his warm, confident smile, a self-assuring message to the world that bespeaks a Nigeria whose tomorrow under him is full of hopes.

Powered by Charlie Ugwu Presidential Campaign Support Group, the poster challenges the electorate, in particular the PDP stakeholders, to come with Barrister Ugwu on his “journey to reinvent Nigeria.”

“The poster is outstanding in its simplicity – the message is clear, indeed short and sharp, and the design breezy, uncluttered,” Abeyanews quoted Mr Kentus Agboeze, an Abuja resident and graphic designer who was at the ceremony, to have said.

“This is how the campaign messages this season, especially on posters, should be: make it simple and readable so that the reader can take in so much within the fleeting moments that he or she has to to look at the poster.”

In his closing remarks, Ugwu said to his supporters: “Thank you for coming to this brief ceremony; thank you for the enthusiastic support you have so far shown for our campaign. The journey to reinvent Nigeria has just begun – with me – and I enjoin all of you here and many many more out there to come on board. We have got to change Nigeria – the real change this time around – for the good of the country and citizens; we have got to secure the future for our children and generation yet unborn. And the journey begins now. Once again, thank you for coming and God bless.”

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