Your child must be 12 years old to be qualified for admission into Secondary School in Lagos


The Lagos State government has said that the minimum age for all prospective students into secondary schools, private or public, must be 12 years old, from the next academic session.

This was contained in a circular signed by Mrs A. A. Adebowale, for the state ministry of education.

The state government said a fine of N50,000 has been proposed for first offenders, and N100,000 fine for second offenders, as well as warning letters to close an erring school, in case of any violation.

“Screening exercise for the transition from primary school to junior secondary school should be strictly adhered to as stated in section 3, sub-section 61, page 22 of Lagos State policy on education,” the circular read.

Didelou Adekogbe, who is said to be the convener of ‘Bring Back Primary Six Class’ into the Nigerian school system, confirmed the new policy shift. She stated that it will come into effect from the next academic session.

”Henceforth pupils entering JSS1 must be 12 years old. The implication is that they must leave primary school at 11 years. It would no longer be possible for pupils in primary four or five to jump to JSS1.

”Before the implementation, we intend to meet with the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED) and key stakeholders to sensitise them on the policy. The breach is more from the private schools and we need to carry them along.”

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