“You are stupid” saga: Femi Fani-Kayode writes NUJ, apologises


The reporter had asked Fani-Kayode who was bankrolling his one-man tour to assess the state of tte states.
The former minister always addresses the press to give his vedict after assessing the capital projects on ground in any state he visits. The press component of the event had gone awry in Calabar.

In his apology letter titled, “Expression of Regret” and addressed to the National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ), he said he regretted his actions and begged the entire journalists in the country for forgiveness, with a promise to ensure a better relationship with the union

According to him, “I wish to convey my regrets to the reporter for my response to him and I also wish to express my regrets to the leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and members of the Nigerian media, whom I hold in high esteem.

‘I believe that my reaction was disproportionate and unduly harsh even though I felt deeply provoked by the fact that the reporter asserted that I was being bankrolled by somebody for something that I was funding entirely on my own.I do hope that our relationship will continue as it has always been

‘Thanks for your understanding and be rest assured that I not only hold you, your union and your members in high esteem but that I also remain one of those that is committed to press freedom and free speech in our country.

“I consider myself to be a friend, a supporter and a strong ally of the Nigerian media and my hitherto excellent relationship with members of your organisation and your colleagues spanning over the last thirty years proves this to be the case. I wish you all the very best.”

▪︎”I Disappointed Myself”: Fani-Kayode

Meanwhile, before the letter to the NUJ, he had at a press conference in Uyo,  apologised for his outburst totoward the journalist.

Speaking on Friday during a press conference at the Government House in Uyo, the ex-minister said he disappointed himself and everyone, noting that his reaction was undefendable.

“I’m deeply sorry for the manner I reacted to the said reporter. I was too hard on him. The question was mischievous, but I fell for it,” he said.

“I should have been smarter than that. I am using this opportunity to reach out to him, and I hope he will be kind enough to forgive me.”

“I disappointed myself, my family and friends, my colleagues, and even my bosses, those who hold me in high esteem.

“I have regrets, it was not my finest day. No leader or public figure should ever react like that. I disappointed myself. I deeply regret it and I believe it will never happen again.”

The NUJ and Daily Trust had condemned him for his outburst.

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