Workers’ Day: Classroom Teacher writes Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State


Dear Senator Ben Ayade,
Today is May Day and traditional to the rituals of this day, you will be addressing us, your workforce.
We acknowledge the prompt and regular payment of workers’ salaries An action that has earned you admiration in the country, given the notoriety of some governors in this regard. So, many civil servants in this country wish you were their governor.

But there are some areas that you have not done well and as you address us today, I think you should look into and engrave your name on the annals of labour-friendly governors.
It is not heard of, all over the world that a government ordered the promotion of workers, served them with promotion letters and in the same breathe, reneged with selective implementation of the said promotion.

As a well read professor, you know the power and relationship between promotion, motivation and productivity. Once you undermine one variable, a negative trigger is activated on the other variables. It is sad that a section of your workforce will suffer for three years running, with the painful reality that their colleagues enjoy a new wage and they are told to be patient ad infitum. This negates the principles of equity and fairness. In the Name of God Almighty, I make this passionate plea, that you order the implementation of all outstanding promotions in the state.

Furthermore, the need for science and technology being emphasized and taught in schools motivated the past administration to employ science teachers to fill up the gaps created by the lack of adequate science teachers in most secondary schools in the state. If you spotted an error in the process, I thought the best you would have done would have been to sieve the names of those who were not qualified or who were wrongly employed or who were fixed on the payroll but not available to work(ghost workers) as we hear, while those qualified allowed to continue to do their work. Your Excellency, I beg to say, that removing all the teachers for sins of a few, technically killed science education in the state. As at today, most schools lack complete science teachers because of this singular action. Therefore, i will like you to please restore them back to the payroll and painstakingly sort out those who ab initio were not qualified or were wrongly included.
This plead is also applicable to other civil servants affected in the delisting from the payroll since September 2019. Recall, Your Excellency, that you had a pact with Cross Riverians that no child will go to bed hungry. May that milk of humanity flow, the agonies are unimaginable.

Lastly, permit me to remind you that for five years running, capacity building workshops and seminars for teachers in the secondary school sector have gone on holidays. The need to retrain teachers in this middle class sector of education need not be overemphasized. I will like you to direct the Commissioner of Education to ensure that teachers are provided the opportunity to be retrained for effective teaching and learning experiences in the classrooms across the state.

I am very sorry if these issues raised offend you. However, in the inner recesses of my heart, I think I am doing my beloved governor the best by drawing his attention to these issues of state nay national importance. Be rest assured of my commitment to the development of our state especially at this time of the novel Covid-19 global pandemic.

God bless you as you lead the state to prosperity.

* Mike Udam, Classroom Teacher, wrote from Ogoja Cross River State.


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