We will ensure just, fair deal for all parts of Nigeria, Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, assures Ohanaeze Ndigbo


President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has  assured Ohanaeze Ndigbo tjat the Senate would ensure that every part of Nigeria continues to receive a just and fair deal.

According to him, “I want to assure you that the Senate will always stand by National interest.”

Lawan spoke when he received a delegation of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, an Igbo socia-cultural association from the South East of the country.

“We believe in the unity and the need for every ethnic group, every religious persuasion to have a very fair deal within the country.

“We will work with your representatives from the South East, particularly from Ibo land. We will do everything to support them and they are representing you very well in the Senate,” Lawan said.

The group was led by its Secretary General, Dim Uche Okwukwu on a courtesy call to the Senate President on Thursday in Abuja.

Lawan  said notwithstanding their different political platforms, the national interest had remained their guiding principle in the National Assembly.

The Senate President assured his guests that the Federal lawmakers would always support what would give them the kind of inclusion and sense of belonging in the south east.

“We can see the commitment of the Federal government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari in ensuring that every part of Nigeria gets some infrastructure development,” Lawan said.

The Senate President adverted the attention of his guests to the progress on the second Niger Bridge and compared it with the unfulfilled promises of the past on the project.

“This administration may not talk too much but it is doing a lot across the country with very little resources. Not like the plentiful resources the previous administration had.

“And of course, you have mentioned the appointments that you have as well and indeed there should be many more.

“As soon as the opportunities become available for more people of Ndigbo extraction to be appointed, I’m sure the President will do that and the administration will do that.

“It is in the public interest and it is in the interest of the administration and the party because it is when you are fair to people that they can give you support as an administration or vote you in, if you are a political party. And these are things that should be taken as given.

“So we will ensure that you continue to receive justice and fairness even in appointments.

“I believe there is need for peaceful co-existance in all parts of the country. Where we have misunderstanding, the best way to go is to dialogue and find solutions to our disagreement.

“If someone feels he has a just cause or reason to seek redress in court, this is a democracy but the best way to resolve issues, often is not going to court especially in a country like ours where we can do better if we dialogue more.

“I don’t know the essence of this court action but what is important is for me to assure you again that the National Assembly, particularly the Senate, will always ensure that you are given and every part of the country is given a sense of belonging.

“What is due to every part of this country should go there and that is why there is representation in the first place.

“If you have any concern, you have your representatives or you can simply write to the National Assembly, the two chambers if you like, to say that these are the issues we feel concerned about and you want the National Assembly to address them or if you feel it is better handled by the Executive side of government, you are free to do so to air your concerns.

“I am sure that this administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari will continue to work hard to provide for every part of this country within the limited resources that we have,” Lawan said.

Earlier, Dim Uche Okwukwu who spoke for the delegation said the mission to Abuja was to congratulate Lawan as Senate President on behalf of the Igbo nation.

“Ndigbo are proud of you and the leadership of the National Assembly. We are aware that without your total support for President Muhammadu Buhari, the ongoing infrastructural projects across the length and breath of Igbo land would be impossible.

“Mr President, we are not unaware that presently, a misguided person, without the mandate and authourity of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo joined some others to sue the government. Therefore, we wholly dissociate Ohanaeze Ndigbo and indeed Ndigbo from that stillbirth suit. It will certainly fail,” Okwukwu said.

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