Sule Lamido says he feels sad Goodluck Jonathan is considering joining the APC


A former Jigawa state governor, Sule Lamido has rapped a former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan for contemplating moving into the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Lamido, who appeared on an Arise TV interview progrsmne, spoke in response to question about his reaction to the news of Goodluck Jonathan’s rumored defection to the APC to contest for Presidency.

Read him: “I feel sad for Jonathan. I feel awfully bad for him because this is somebody that was not known in Nigeria 10 years ago, a former director in OMPADEC, deputy governor, Governor, vice president, and President.

“Look at the rise: it is all through PDP. PDP gave him everything in life; PDP gave him the greatest reward anybody in PDP can attain; only three people had attained that position in PDP, Obasanjo, Yar’adua, and him.

“The party made him what he is and gave him the limelight and international recognition. He Is a PDP invention; he is a PDP facilitation; so, how could he run under APC, the very party that vilified him, demonized him, and called him names? I feel sad.

” I don’t believe in APC because they removed him from office by blackmailing him and PDP. I was called a pastor in the north because of Jonathan. I stood by him through thick and thin, in the north I was seen as somebody that is against the northern interest because I believed in Nigeria.

“Now for Jonathan to begin to contemplate going to APC to run for Presidency makes me pity him a lot. I just pity him. I really pity him.”

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