Staff members’ support swells for Clerk to National Assembly as he marks a year in office

Clerk to the National Assembly, Mr Sani Magaji Tambuwal

As Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA), Mr Sani Magaji Tambuwal, marks a year in the saddle in substantive capacity, staff members have poured encomiums on his leadership style in a rare rave review of stewardships of successive holders of the plum position.

A majority of thirty staff members who were randomly interviewed by THE CONCLAVE through administered questionnaire in which the responders were not required to indicate their names applauded the leadership of Mr Tambuwal, describing his era as luminous.

Specifically, the broad consensus of 26 interviewees is that Tambuwal has raised the bar in the discharge of the responsibilities of his office to their admiration.

They pointed to Tambuwal’s robust disposition to their welfare and well-being, claiming that he had come to address their concerns that pitted the workers under the umbrella of the Parliamentary Association of Nigeria (PASAN) against the management under the immediate past CNA, Architect Olatunde Amos Ojo.

Two responders specifically said that Tambuwal had been able to, within a year, wipe away their tears in addition to giving them reasons to rebuild their confidence in the management of the National Assembly bureaucracy.

Many of them referred to what they described as the “sterling leadership qualities, charisma and warm dispositions towards staff members and their issues.”

Five of them spoke about the eight new buses that the CNA has just provided to aid their movement to and from office and mitigate the impact of hike in pump price of fuel, which has culminated in increased transportation fares.

The staff members, who belong to the different directorates, departments and divisions, applauded the CNA for his mastery and shrewd management of public finance.

One of them put it this way: “CNA Magaji Tambuwal’s leadership and management of the NASS Bureaucracy are driven by a rare passion that had been scant in the administrative wing of the National Assembly. There is discipline in funds disbursement. Expenditures are tied strictly to the budget. In order words, there is no room for frivolous and misguided spending. I know this as a matter of fact from my privileged position.”

Many others saluted the peace and harmony that are reigning in the complex, even as they underscored the significance of CNA’s equanimity that had helped to largely lessen tension and improve management-staff relationship in the workplace.

According to a responder, “Since his ascension to the post of the Clerk, no staff member can accuse him of tampering with or diverting monies meant for us either by way of salary, allowance or other benefits. He has been largely transparent and honest in his dealings.

“I must state that in a very long while, staff members have not been this too sure and confident in their CNA, like we do now. He is simple, gentle, calm and accessible with less security around him. Hitherto, a particular CNA had deployed his security aides in deliberate and unconscionable harassment of staff members whom he suspected to be opposed to his leadership.”

Recall that in the last two weeks, staff members have been reining in mischief makers both within and outside the National Assembly whom they accused campaign of calumny against Tambuwal to desist Staff members’ support swells for Clerk to National Assembly as he marks a year in office ignoble preoccupation.

THE CONCLAVE reports that it is against this plausible improvement and progress in the National Assembly that staff members have warned saboteurs to steer clear from their “Oga” (boss).

These sets of people within the system working against the system must be checked and if they’re not careful, we’ll begin to mention their names and post their pictures within and around the complex as enemies of the system.

THE CONCLAVE further reports that there is a concern among the staff members who are largely happy with Tambuwal as to why a few persons will volunteer document and information to outsiders just because they feel disadvantaged in the consummation of power equation and equilibrium in the management of the National Assembly.

Feelers indicated that the vast majority of staff members have vowed to fight identified or even imagined mischief makers to a standstill.

One of them was reported to have said: “We won’t keep quiet anymore; so, those enemies of the system should wait for what is coming to them, if they don’t retrace their mischievous steps.”

They lamented the situation where civil societies and some media outfits were quick to publish information about the management of the National Assembly without cross checking their facts, even as they claimed that “such publications most times are misleading and creating disaffection in the public against NASS leaders who are daily sacrificing their time and energy to ensure national growth and prosperity.

They called the Civil societies to order and canvassed the weeding off of those who are in the habit of blackmailing for reward or compensation.

“As far as we staff members are concerned, we like and respect our CNA because he is doing everything possible to promote our wellbeing and we’ll stand by him all the way until his time is successfully rounded off either by age or by length or year of service,” one of the staff members said.

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