Shake-up in RCCG’s leadership guard: National Overseer retired; retirement age of pastors pegged at 70

Pastor E.A Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has announced some major changes in the Church’s leadwrahip guard.

The changes included the retirement of the Church’s National Overseer, Pastor Joseph Obayemi.

Adeboye made the announcement while addressing RCCG Ministers on Sunday, 7 August, 2022.

He hinted also that the person that would take over from him as the General Overseer would be a young man.

The RCCG which is celebrating its 70th anniversary was established in 1952 by Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi who passed in 1980.

Adeboye has served in the position of General Overseer for more than 40 years and still counting.

In December 2016, Pastor Adeboye appointed Pastor Obayemi as the church’s Overseer in Nigeria.

Obayemi was given an additional portfolio to serve as the Overseer of the RCCG in North Africa in 2021.

He was also addressed as an Officer-in-charge of Nigeria.

But Pastor Adeboye announced his retirement along with some others during the Ministers’ Conference. Obayemi is in his 70s.

Adeboye disclosed that the retirement age for all RCCG pastors would now be pegged at 70 years.

He said however that some of them may be given lesser roles after retirement.

Pastor Sunday Akande is to replace Obayemi as the RCCG National Overseer.

He will serve for a period of two years while Pastor Kalu Ndukwe will serve as the Overseer of the Africa Continent.

Adeboye said the position of the National Overseer of the church would now be on a two-year tenure basis while the pastor occupying the position will operate from the redemption camp.

All churches in the camp would henceforth report to him. He will also represent Pastor Adeboye in special assignments.

Also affected by the changes is Pastor Johnson Odesola who had been in charge of the Administration and Personnel of the Church.

He was relieved of the two portfolios. Two pastors were appointed to handle the portfolios.

The new pastor in charge of Personnel is Julius Olalekan while Pastor Dele Balogun was appointed to take charge of Admin.

It is not clear the new designation of Pastor Odesola who also serves as the Overseer of the RCCG in the Middle East.

The Redemption Camp according to Pastor Adeboye will henceforth carry the tag of a city just like the Vatican City.

He banned hawking and selling of goods on the roads in the camp, saying such practice would no longer be tolerated.

Offenders, he said, would be prosecuted while their goods would be confiscated.

Indecent dressing in the camp environment would no longer be tolerated, according to him.

Adeboye who clocked 80 early this year also named the ring road on the camp after the founder of the church, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi. Some other roads were named after some retired pastors of the church. (Adapted report by The Gazelle News)

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