Royal Dictum


(Monday 2nd May, 2022)

People judge you in 7 seconds

Everything about you speaks. How you look affects how much you earn. People judge you on first impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Always look the role you play.

Most times a book is judged by its cover. We assess products by how they are packaged. Impressions grant more access than education, skills, talents and competence. Non-verbal cues are more convincing than our words. People buy you before they hire you. People buy you before they buy your products.

People’s perceptions are their reality. You can’t force people to like you but you can leave a lasting impression on their mind. If you care about your income, impress the world. Be the type of a person you’d want to meet. Decent, confident, lovely, kind, appealing and charming.


Happy Eid el Fitri celebrations to all Muslims

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