(Press Statement) PDP, stop stampeding INEC- Kassim Afegbua

Kassim Afegbua

Edo State former Commissioner for Information, Prince Kassim Afegbua has upbraided the opposition PDP over incendiary statements that are capable of igniting violence in the polity, by wrongly accusing INEC of trying to tamper with the outcome of the results.

The PDP situation room must have exposed the total outcome of the election as not being favourable to the PDP, hence their deliberate effort to cause mayhem across the country.

The electoral body should be allowed to do its work and conclude the presidential election in good time to allow it to face the next election on March 11th. The fact of the matter is that any political party that has agents at the polling units should not be having sleepless nights about the results being announced except where there are discrepancies. The whole purpose of this announcement is to cross-check whether there are discrepancies in declared results and the ones obtained at the Polling Units that were validated by agents of the political parties.

Instead of crying foul over nothing, the PDP should allow the Electoral Umpire to do its statutory responsibility and conclude this process in record time.

Only those who are afraid of losing the election are the ones raising concerns over the entire transparent process. INEC has not breached any law insofar, and the results being declared reflect what was obtained at the Polling Units. It is not in doubt that Asiwaju Tinubu is coasting home to victory, following the outcome of declared results, the PDP is deliberately trying to overheat the system and the process in order to discredit such a transparent process. Where PDP leads, there are no complaints, where APC leads, PDP is shouting blue murder.

Doesn’t that suggest that the PDP is already aware of its failure? We must be patient to see through this whole process before unguarded statements that could lead to violence are uttered by PDP publicists.

The APC has been very remarkable in its approach thus far by displaying uncommon maturity in this whole exercise and should be so applauded. PDP should take a cue from the APC and help keep and sustain a violent free polity in the interest of deepening our democracy.


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