OPINION Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu: In The Eyes of Oshiomhole


By John Mayaki

Sometimes you let people have it and they have truly been let to have it. The noisemakers took the stage and frayed the audience, imbuing them with tales that are nonetheless cock and bull. They forgot that it was politics, all that 2016 campaign comments of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

These clowns on stage, deceiving their audience, clung to those few political statements and sought to tarnish the Benin-born pastor. But they made a mistake: intoxicated by the mirth of their own jokes, they dared the Pastor to provide any good thing said of him by Oshiomhole. And now, again, we let them have it so they can become proper objects of scorn.

It was at the occasion of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s 50th years birthday and Oshiomhole, that man of self-style and unique charisma, took his pen and wrote these special words:

“My Dear Pastor,

“Golden age is a significant milestone in a man’s life. It’s not only a moment to cast an introspective look at feats already attained with pride, but, more importantly look forward with confidence to the challenges ahead.

“As you cross the golden Rubicon today, it surely calls for songs and dance. For yours has been an exemplary life devoted to service. Politics should be a call to duty. In you is a perfect illustration. What I find even more remarkable is that added to your political gravitas is the evangelical presence of a truly anointed servant of God.

“As Mahatma Ghandi told us, politics without principle is a social sin. When it mattered most you showed character by refusing to surrender to the tyranny of an unscrupulous godfather. When it was most perilous, you demonstrated uncommon courage standing up to be counted on the side of liberty

“You took the leap of faith to found the Grace Group, which in turn, provided rallying point for others who believe in freedom to birth what would become the Edo Chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria. When others despaired, you saw hope. I salute your foresight. If ACN is today formidable in Edo, it is only a reflection of the sterling leadership you have provided.

“Again, if our party is acclaimed in positive lights in Edo today, you share substantially in the glory, if we have improved the human condition, we owe it to the quality of counsel you gave. In our struggle to redefine politics in Edo in the past forty four months as service to the people, I have found in you a committed ally indeed.

“Having distinguished yourself in administration, evangelism, politics and lately farming, I believe your sun has only begun to rise.”

What this letter reveals is not just the illustrious qualities of the flagship Pastor but also the clairvoyant abilities of Oshiomhole. This letter was written 2102 and Oshiomhole believed Ize-Iyamu’s sun was beginning to rise. If we look at it now, we can say it is true because clearly, it is still the 10am of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and the days of his glory can only get bright.

But the curtain is falling somewhere else, calling over the clownish parade of novice jokers with no grounded knowledge in Edo State political history. In the evening of his misadventure into politics, Godwin Obaseki is clearing the path of oblivion with the machete of money, paying his way to PDP candidature, paying his way to a challenge, but as well paying his way to eventual catastrophe. They have asked for goodwill and we have given it to them, but it remains to be seen how they can do what is impossible: buying daylight at night—the darkness sure to envelope Obaseki is certain and sealed.

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