Open Letter to Governor Gboyega Oyetola on Death Trap of Obaagun Township Road, Prince  By Jimoh Atoba


Your Excellency sir, let my use this opportunity to greet you that Ramadan Mubarak and welcome you back from the visit to Mecca for Umurah. May Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah.

It is also very important to commend your administration on the prudent financial management of the trivial resources of Osun State. Likewise, your intervention on the area of road infrastructural development which you have bequeathed on Osun State is highly commendable. Honestly, the inhabitants of Osun state as well as visitors to the state can affirm the good work you are doing. You are definitely going to leave the state far better than you met it.
Your Excellency sir, I am an indigene of Obaagun, a community shared boundary with your home town, Iragbiji which its development is at the utmost importance to. I owe it as a duty and as a patriot to draw your government attention to the deplorable condition of Obaagun Township Road which was constructed in the early 80s by the then Oyo state government.
Not minding the various roads construction your administration has completed in Ifelodun local government; the people of Obaagun have not received any interventions from your government on the area of road construction, re-construction and even repair of culvert.
This is being perceived as magilization despite the fact that the state government has been getting huge revenue from the various Quarries located in the town.
This saddens our hearts that with the massive support the community gave your Excellency in the last Governorship election in 2018 which the community still hope to repeat in the forthcoming Governorship election in the state, we are so abandoned in the area of road construction. We are wondering what would have been our offence that the Obaagun people are so neglected and treated as though we are not in the map of Osun state.
A visit to the community by the Commissioner for Work will surely support my point that as bad as it is, the “Okada Riders” have the totally abandoned the road as a result of its condition. What a pity condition!
I must also emphasize here that the road is a state government road of same category with the one constructed in osun state, specially in Ifelodun local government.
I can also emphasize that the Olobaagun of Obaagun has written letter to your office concerning this road but all the efforts have not been getting a favourable response, therefore as a patriot, I have no option rather than sending an open Letter to you which I believe you are for the welfare and development of the people.

To this end, the people of Obaagun community are looking forward to seeing your intervention on the road construction within the town, in Obaagun, we do response hundred percent to the government who cares about our well being which is in line with Youraba adage, “Gbami nigba ojo, kingba e nigba erun” that’s one good turn definitely deserves a massively massive voting.

May God continue to lead your administration so that you can effect positively the lives of people of Obaagun, so that by the time you leave the government, you would be remembered by good record in the mind of people of Obaagun specifically.

Prince Jimoh Atoba
National Treasurer Obaagun Development Union
[email protected]

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