Only countries in the world with no airports!


Yes, there are some countries in the world that don’t have airports even now!

The nations have aptly served as an example that having an airport isn’t always necessary and that they have learned how to share resources with their neighbours. However, many don’t even have a choice, as an airport actually doesn’t fit within their borders. Here, we take a look at the world’s only countries that don’t have any airports.

▪Vatican City

It’s the world’s smallest country, with a population of just around 800. There isn’t much space for an aircraft to land, nor is there any river or sea, for an alternative form of transport. It’s also one of the few countries that can be covered exclusively on foot. However, don’t worry as there are other airports that surround it, including Ciampino and Fiumicino, which are less than 30 minutes away by train.

Did you know that Vatican City is the only country within a city? Yes, the country is located inside the city boundaries of Rome.


Monaco is the world’s second smallest country after Vatican City, is surrounded by France on three sides, and has no airport facility of its own. All those wishing to explore Monaco will need to book a cab or take a boat after landing at France’s Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

▪San Marino

Situated not very far from the Vatican City, San Marino is one of the world’s oldest states. Surrounded entirely by Italy, San Marino doesn’t have access to the sea. Since it’s so small, it does not have an airport. Luckily, the whole of San Marino is flat and has a dense road network that leads people out of San Marino and allows them access to Italy in all directions.
One of the closest airports is that of Rimini, in Italy. Although small, it has a number of other airports situated close by, such as that of Florence, Bologna, Venice, and Pisa, which are also often used by both locals and tourists visiting the country.


This is another place that is not quite steep but has more hills. Liechtenstein is also a small nation, and its entire perimeter barely stretches to 75 km. Since there are space limitations, even if Liechtenstein wanted to have an airport, it would have very likely fallen partially over the Rhine, to the east, and the Austrian mountains to the west. To not indulge into a potential diplomatic tussle with neighbouring countries, Liechtenstein remained without any airports, and locals use a car or bus to reach Zürich Airport, which is around 120 km away.


Although not as small as other countries, the Principality of Andorra has a larger surface area that it can boast of several airports. However, the problem here is the mountains. This co-principality is nestled between France and Spain and is surrounded by the Pyrenees completely. There are peaks that are close to 3000 m high, and flying a plane becomes a bit dangerous and difficult at such altitudes. The reason why Andorra decided not to have any airport, but one can take flights to cities, such as Barcelona, Lérida, or Girona, which are within a 200 km radius. (Times of India)

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