Nigeria’s problems are spiritual, Buhari has no capacity to tackle them – Bishop Adeoye


By Richard Akintade, Osogbo

Presiding Bishop of Sufficient Grace Truth Christian Church, Okinni, Osun State, Rt. Rev. Seun Adeoye, has stated that the multiple problems facing the nation are spiritual, adding President Muhammadu Buhari does not possess the spiritual capability to tackle them.

The lead Bishop of Worldwide Anglican Church in Nigeria and spokesman of World Bishops Council, Africa Chapter, disclosed this during a two-day progamme tagged “Children of Grace” which commenced on Tuesday at Okinni.

The cleric, who took his text from the Book of 1 Samuel Chapter 5, noted that just as Dagon had no answer to the Ark of the Covenant of God, President Buhari’s spiritual level cannot match Nigeria’s woes.

“I am a man of prayers, God had told me to be before him for 100 days, today marks 82 days. In the process of praying for my beloved country, I saw Nigeria ragging in battles against demons from the kingdom of darkness.

“But we have a weak leadership, that were overwhelmed by those forces. I saw only Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo trying to fight back.

“No war is won in the physical until it is won in the spiritual. No human weapons or human knowledge can defeat demonic powers.

“President Buhari places emphasis on the physical aspect but Nigeria problem is far more than that.

“The man at the helm of affairs in Nigeria is the father figure of the country. He is expected to fight all battles at all fronts on behalf of the country but Buhari’s spirituality is inadequate to tackle our problems”, he stated.

He asked Osinbajo to mobilise men of God across Nigeria to gather for prayers for the country, “maybe the Almighty will be merciful and help Nigeria”.

The cleric urged Nigerians to start praying fervently too on the 2023 general election because the country needs “a David, a man in the heart of God” to take over and lead a new Nigeria.

Bishop Adeoye noted that, “As it is, no one should think of any change until 2023. We will need to endure the present situation and pray for the emergence of a wise man from the East as our new president”

He added, “Nigeria needs a leader with special grace, I mean a president who has God’s divine touch to help our country”.

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