NIGERIA @ 60: Equity, justice, panacea for disunity, lack of progress- Nnamani


Former Governor of Enugu State and Senator representing Enugu East Senatorial District in the Senate, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, has  reminded Nigerians that justice, equity and fairness to all in the allocation of resources are what the country needs to enjoy continued peace  and unity.

Senator Nnamani, in his goodwill message to Nigerians on the occasion of her 60th Independence celebrations, said that “these are the cardinal principles leaders at all levels must apply in the administration of the society and management of the commonwealth.”

Senator Nnamani said that the socio- economic and political malaise bedeviling the countrycould be remedied “if Nigerians work together with equity and justice as our watchwords.”

He said he was optimistic that the hope of a united and prosperous country envisaged at independence on October 1, 1960could  still be achieved.

According  to him, “We must work as a team like a people with a common purpose, common mission and common destiny.”

Senator Nnamani decried the incessant ethno-religious conflicts in parts of the country, the unabating insecurity and the infrastructure deficits that have continued to retard the nation’s growth.

He said the shortcomings were redeemable “if we can return to the drawing boards and fashion out a workable blueprint that will guarantee citizens’ freedom and security in any part of the country without fear of intimidation or molestation.”

The former Governor canvassed the reversal of “our consumerist lifestyle as a nation” and instead, advised a shift in focus from oil  to aggressive manufacturing and agricultural production.

This, he noted, would address the twin problems of unemployment and food insecurity in the country.

To governments at all levels, he urged them to make the people the centerpiece of their policies and programmes at all times, saying that “doing so would give every citizen a sense of belonging.”

He pointed out that every state of the country has the potential to contribute meaningfully to the economy and wellbeing of the country by focusing on the areas of production where it has comparative advantage in order to come out of the woods.


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