Nigeria 2023: Independent foreign observers commend conduct of polls


Independent Foreign Observers Mission in Nigeria has commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the conduct of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The mission, which gave the commendation in its preliminary report on the just concluded election in Abuja on Tuesday, described the poll as peaceful and transparent.

Mr David Furnad of the United States read the report.

“The presidential elections in Nigeria recorded a high turnout of voters nationwide.

“It can also be regarded as one of the most transparent elections in the country’s history with the significant candidates recording victories and defeats.

“The presidential election witnessed a comparatively large turnout of voters in the various geopolitical zones compared to other general elections in the country.

“The South-west and the South-east zones witnessed the highest number of voters turnout, with eligible voters demonstrating an uncommon level of patience to exercise their franchise”.

“INEC deployed both sensitive and non sensitive materials to voting points on time, even though the report recorded some delays in some areas, which it said did not deter voters from performing their civic duties.

“There was minimal incidences of vote buying across the country. The reason adduced is that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) randomly visited polling units unannounced to arrest anyone involved in such acts.

“The country’s recent redesign of currency reduced vote buying to the barest minimum.”

The Mission praised some political parties and their candidates for honouring the Peace Accord and not inciting their supporters.

Those present at the presentation of the report include: Messrs Rudolf Elmendorp, Stuart Young, Stuart Dyer, Francois DeRobaix, and Jeffrey Fry

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