Murray puts brakes on Alcaraz’s 20+ grand slam hype


Some are predicting Carlos Alcaraz to win 20 or more grand slams in his career, but Andy Murray isn’t very high on those predictions.

Murray is a grand slam champion, and he knows how difficult it is to win multiple grand slams because he lost a couple of finals, too. Alcaraz only played in one, and he won it, but predictions of him getting to 20 seem way too much for Murray. He understands why because he’s the biggest talent in a while. However, it’s just too much.

He’s, obviously, so far in his young career, doing better than most of the guys that have come in the last eight to 10 years. I know a lot of people are expecting everyone to win 20-plus Grand Slams now, like that’s sort of normal. I wouldn’t predict that for anyone. I would imagine he would be right at the top of the game for as long as he wants to play.

One thing that Murray is certain will help the Spaniard is his game overall, which works on all surfaces. He plays well on clay, well on hard courts, and is pretty solid on grass courts, making him a threat on all four grand slams in the future.

He has an excellent game, an all-around game that I think will translate well onto all surfaces. He’s not the biggest guy, but he can serve big. He’s an unbelievable mover, a great athlete, and has a lot of variety in his game.

Takes the ball on a lot. That’s something that you hope he keeps that. I know from experience that it’s a bit easier playing that way when you’re 18, 19, and there’s not sort of any scar tissue there. I hope that he maintains that style of play because it’s exciting to watch. (

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