Kwara assets recovery panel holds public hearings

Kwara State Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Assets Recovery will on Monday commence public hearings for people to testify or offer relevant information on the sale, disposal or unlawful acquisition of items of property that belong to the state.
The public hearings, which hold from 10 a.m. daily at the Sharia Court of Appeal in Ilorin, come after the panel had completed its tours of relevant Kwara assets in the state, Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja.
“The General Public is hereby informed that those to appear include all those who have earlier submitted memoranda; those willing to testify or provide information about sales, disposal and unlawful acquisition of Government properties, including Shares, Stocks and Bonds; and people who have houses or other properties located at a distance of less than 250 meters to the edges of the dam reservoirs of Asa Dam in Ilorin, Agba Dam in Ilorin and Oyun Dam in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State,” according to a statement from the panel’s Secretary, Alhaji Mohammed Baba Orire.
“Also to appear with sufficient proofs of ownership are: individuals who were allocated plots of lands on the premises of Kwara Television, both in Ilorin and Lafiagi, as well as those whose residential buildings apparently appear less than 600 meters from the Television mast as against international standards.”
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