Just In: Crack in Obaseki’s camp as Chief of Staff resigns

Chief of Staff to Edo State Governor, Mr. Taiwo Akerele, has resigned his appointment, signifying a significant crack in the governor’s camp in the State Capter of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Credible sources confirmed that Akerele had tendered his resignation letter to the governor amid trending reports that the governor had yet to accept it.
There had been, as learnt, a rift among key members of the Obaseki’s camp in government especially in the build-up to the governorship election scheduled for September 2020.
The rift bordered on pecuniary interests, which allegedly saw the Deputy Governor, Phillip Shaibu from Edo north, corner all “empowerment contracts” for the zone to himself.
Akerele is from the same zone with the deputy governor. The differences among the political leaders became irreconcilable and degenerated when it became apparent that Governor Obaseki could not rein in his deputy.
More details coming…
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