Is Governor Obaseki lawless?


*By Pius Alile*

It is becoming a daily occurrence listening to governor obaseki’s inflammatory statements and actions. Some of these are capable of infringing on the laws of the land and even calling his own sanity to question.

Governor obaseki insistence and public statement that Mr Adams Oshiomele must adhere to protocols before visiting his state of birth is not only absurd but an insult to our collective freedom and sanity. It is also an affront to the Constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria that guarantees freedom of movement and association to all Nigerians.

Governor obaseki has no right under the law to insist that the national chairman of All Progressive Congress APC inform him, the governor before visiting Edo state. Mr Adams Oshiomele has a right to visit any state in Nigeria without informing the sitting governor. There is no law or protocol that is compelling him to do so.

Governor Obaseki thugs used heavy duty lorries to blocked main entrance leading to Adams Oshiomele compound, with the intention of preventing people from visiting Mr Adams Oshiomele. This behaviour clearly shows that governor Obaseki is deliberately promoting anarchy and lawlessness in the state.

The continued mobilisation of hoodlums to the airport by the state govt whenever the national chairman of APC visits his own state is utter madness and incomprehensible.

Every high ranking public officer has a right to private life, and clearly cannot seek permission before visiting any part of Nigeria. For example, senator James Omo Agege had thanksgiving ceremony last Sunday, the governor of Delta state did not ask him to inform the govt before visiting his own state. The governor of Delta state did not ask Mr Adams Oshiomele to inform the govt before attending James Omo Agege function. Even when Delta state is govern by opposition PDP.

Sometimes I wonder if governor obaseki, the governor of Edo state is well informed. I want to ask governor obaseki if he will tolerate his successor to behave this way when he (Obaseki ) leaves office come November this year.

Governor obaseki continued to trample on the right of citizens by depriving them of their rights and properties.

The demolition of Mr Tony Kabaka hotel premises when judgement was to be given 48 hours later by a competent court of law is a clear case of lawlessness and abuse of power.

With governor Obaseki, govt power is about a show of muscle and physical strength against the citizens’ rights and well being.

Governor obaseki fails to realise that his govt is established and guaranteed by the rule of law and all her activities are guided by the rule of law also.

Obaseki’s govt is already sojourning in the territory of anarchy and tyranny. His govt has theoretically ended.

Governor obaseki must understand that his immunity cannot last forever, and a day will come when he will be made to face the law he had so grossly violated.

Governor obaseki is yet to provide answers to numerous allegations of impropriety currently bedevilling his integrity and govt. Governor obaseki is yet to provide answers to his 2016 sworn affidavit concerning his certificate, the discrepancies and how he manage to gain admission into University of Ibadan with three credits. And when he actually graduated from the university? and why he lied under oath by not disclosing his A level result if any.

Governor Obaseki is yet to fully brief the public why his favourite commissioner of Arts and Culture, and diaspora affairs. Mr Osaze Ero is still languishing in Italian jail regarding allegations of money laundering, cultism and human trafficking.

Governor obaseki is yet to give full account why he inaugurated only 9 out of the 24 Edo state house of assembly members elect. And why such inauguration should take place at mid nite. And why the govt hired thugs to beat up members elect. He is yet to explain why he continued to perpetuate illegality and unconstitutionality in Edo state house of Assembly. Governor obaseki is yet to explain why he continued to promote thuggery activities in the state.

Governor obaseki is yet to explain why the purported ban on political rallies is in place in Edo state. He is yet to explain why he continued to prevent people from joining APC.

It is very safe to say that governor obaseki is lawless and will be made to face the law after his tenure and answer to the law he so hated and continued to debased.

*Hon Pius Alile Is A Political Consultant And Social Analyst*

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