Idahosa Okunbo Clears Air On Experience With NDLEA


Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo has cleared the air on allegations making the rounds over his experience with the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in 1995.

The 25-year old incident which saw the NDLEA invite the socialite was a point of accusation by one Honourable Marvelous Zibiri, in a scathing article against Idahosa.

Idahosa in an official Press Statement titled “Enough of this nonsense” said the allegations are unfounded and premised on falsehood.

“My attention has been drawn to a malicious publication in the media, which not only seeks to attack my hard-earned reputation but also intends to lower it in the estimation of the General Public,” he said.

“Ordinarily such statements do not warrant a response as such would only dignify the authors and their libelous claims. However based on the extent to which such falsehood and irresponsibility could travel in the unpredictable and volatile political and socioeconomic landscape of ours, silence would definitely not be seen as golden in that instance. It is therefore instructive to address these attacks and debunk the false claims made therein.

“Hence I say this is a lie from the pit of hell, which if allowed to fester might be misconstrued by unsuspecting members of the public to be true.

“However, a reputation built over decades of hard work, commitment, dedication to excellence and the highest levels of forthrightness cannot be demeaned by one whose pedigree is questionable to say the least. I take pride in my Benin ancestry and hold dear the highest ethos of integrity, as that has been key to my success as an entrepreneur of international repute,” the statement read in part.

Idahosa thanked those who instantly published counter claims to Zibiri’s allegations and said the author of the piece lacks capacity for decorum and reasonableness.

He said he has also briefed his legal representatives as he may possibly be charging for libel and defamation of character suits.

Setting the record straight, he said; “Also it is necessary to set the records straight and this is in respect to my experience with the NDLEA in 1995 under the leadership of Major General Musa Bamaiyi.

“My experience with the NDLEA was premised on a petition questioning the source of my wealth, based on my enviable lifestyle and live for choice properties. This incident necessitated my instituting legal proceedings against the NDLEA. The case was subsequently brought before the Miscellaneous offences Tribunal, Lagos, where it was established that the prosecution had not made a prima facie case against me that would warrant me defending myself.

“I was thereafter discharged and acquitted on a ‘no case’ submission. Proceedings of this case with charge No: MOT/L/163/95 are documented and accessible to the public.”

He said it is the issue in 1995 that his detractors have been feasting on to drag him down, tarnish his image and score cheap political points.

“Suffice it to state categorically that I have never been interrogated nor charged much less convicted for any drug-related or criminal issue anywhere in the world.

“Thus Mr. Zibiri’s referral to me as a ‘drug baron’ is the height of malice and mischief.”

Idahosa further said while he is unsure of what he did wrong to warrant the assassination of his character, he considers it a good time to put the issue to bed. He revealed he has received letters of commendation from his partners and they generally consider the allegations preposterous.

“I know our partners do not these inane and unfounded attacks seriously, because they know what it is, an act to deliberately damage a thriving and enduring brand.

“But the time to pull the brakes and put all of those mischief-makers in their respective places is now. If they ever thought it’s going to be business as usual, from this day onward, it’s okay to do a test of my resolve to protect and guard jealously, my priceless asset; my integrity and name.”

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